Saturday, 18 May 2013


Hello everyone,

So I was watching Nikki Phillippi and she uploaded a video about her acrylics and I then was thinking that I could do a blog post all about my acrylics and my experience with them and all of that.

I started to have acrylics at the middle of last year, my friend and I decided to get them done, and it was the first time for both of us. And it was such a nice and different experance

I can't say where I got them done because it is one on it's own in the area I live in, and they cost £20 which I think is so good, bearing in mind how nice and polished your nails look with them.

When I went in there we both asked for "Acrylics, then he/she said do you want the rounded, squared etc. and I said squared and I choose the length I wanted.

I decided to get acrylics because my mum always used to get them done and they looked so nice, so I decided to get them done, the only thing is that I went to a different place for my first time and it was so good.

One thing people always get asked and it is do they ruin your natural nails? and yes they do because they are using a electrical nail file and that makes your nails very weak and sensitive when you get you acrylics off.

And they don't really hurt, but the only time it hurts is when they accidently snag your skin when using the nail file. 

The only thing I do regret is that I could never be bothered to get them soaked off, so instead I kept getting infills. And this meant I had my acrylics on for just under half a year, and that didn't help my nails. So because I never got them soaked off I used to pick at them and force them off which I don't reccomend.

Pictures of my acrylics -

Order of getting them done -

Top left - 1st
Top right - 2nd
bottom left - 3rd
bottom right - 4th

Thank you

If you have any question about my acrylics or anything then please comment or get in contact with me here.


  1. They look really purdy! <3

  2. Thank you, and ill be sure to check out your blog.