Saturday, 18 May 2013

Tan lines tag

Hello everyone,

I feel I haven't done a tag in ages, I think my last one was the this or that tag. But I am going to be doing this new tag called the tan lines tag and it's all about summer, and I can't waite for summer.

Beach house or lake house? Beach house 

Favorite summer hairstyle? Pony tail, loose waves or a bun.

Do you tan or burn? I burn, but people say I do get a tan after but it's very faint :(

Have you ever gotten a henna tattoo? Yes

Bon fires or night swimming? Night swimming even though I have never done it.

If you could travel anywhere over the summer, where would it be? why? It would be either Barcelona, America or Turkey because they all look amazing and I ma going to Turkey this year.

Bikinis, tankinis, or one piece bathing suits? Biknis

Summer makeup must-haves? Day - Mascara, concealer and a lip balm (When I am not swimming) Night - BB cream, mascara, lip gloss,balm, stick.

Hottest it's been over the summer where you live? I live in England and probably 15-20 degrees 

Do you play any sports over the summer? When I am on holiday I go swimming and play tennis/volliball.

Number one thing on your summer bucket list? When I am in Turkey do some sort of Water sport.

Long hair or short hair over the summer? Long, but I tie it up sometime

Do you wear makeup while at the pool? beach? lake? Nope

Worst summer memory? When I was on holiday in Portugal I went on the beach the first day I was there and long story short I broke my dad's toe.

My Henna tattoo.

Thank you

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