Saturday, 15 March 2014

Makeup Collection and Storage

Hello everyone,

I haven't done a blog post for 3 days and that is because I have two Spanish exams coming up a speaking and reading. But on Wednesday a package turned up and it was my new makeup storage. As you can guess this is a makeup collection and storage. I am going to do this in pictures and I am not trying to brag in any way, shape or form. Also this is more than the usual person and not as much as some, I do know this and I hope you can understand it's for the people who would like to see this.

- My makeup drawers are from Amazon - Click here
I really do reccomend these drawers, they are very sturdy and in my opinion they look very nice and well worth the money. They are currently £18.49 on sale RRP is £34.99.

On the top I have a basket and in here I have some eyebrow products (Sephora, Gosh and Anastasia) and some random things like, a sponge, clip, blotting sheets, eye lash curler and lip Scrub/lip balm. Also I have my bruhes in Candle holders. My face brushes consist of Real Techniques and Eco Tools, my eye brushes are from Forever 21, Real Techniques, Elf and more places. Then in front of the brushes I have a mirror I use every morning from Boots.

In the first drawer I have quite a lot of foundations ranging from drugstore to high end. I have Garnier, Mac, Urban Decay, Maybelline, MUA, Natural collection, Nars, Revlon, Rimmel, 17, Collection and Bourjois.

This could be one of favourite drawers and it is all my blushers. I have too many but I love blush so much. I have brands like Elf, Nars, Tarte, Mac, Benefit, Max Factor, Natural Collection, MUA, Benefit, Clarins, Topshop, Rimmel, Vivo, Dainty Doll, Too Faced, Revlon, Barbra Daly and Collection.

In this drawer I have bronzers, Concealer/Primers, Powder and Highlighters. I have brands like Rimmel, Nars, Topshop, Soap and Glory, YSL, Maybelline, Borjois, NYX, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Elf, Stila. The box that all the concealers and primers are in is just a Iphone 5S box.

In this drawer I have Mascaras I use more at the front like Maybelline, Benefit, Chanel and Rimmel. Then in the middle part I have eyeliners and brow pencils, these vary from 17, Barry M, NYX, Rimmel and more. Then in the back is a bit random I have single eye shadows, Mascaras I don't use often and some eye shadow bases. I have brands like Mac, Too Faced, NYX, No7, Soap and Glory and more. The boxes are from old makeup storage.

Another favourite drawer of mine, in this is Lipsticks and Lip Glosses. I have jumbo lip pencils from Revlon, Bourjois, MUA and more. I also have lipsticks from Chanel, Mac, Revlon, Rimmel and more. I also have lip glosses from Chanel, Benefit, Clarins, Stila, Elf and more. In the tin at the back I have Stila lip glaze's and Elf Liquid lipsticks aswell as lip glosses. The tin is from a Body Shop gift.

In this drawer is Lip balms, Lip glosses and Lipsticks I don't use all the time and at the back is more Lip balms and Lip Glosses in a tube. I have brands like Maybelline, Elf, Collection, Nivea, MUA, NYX and more.

In the last drawer is eye shadow pallets. I have mainly nude's with brands like Mac, MUA, Urban Decay, Front cover, Stila, No7 and NYX. I also have some brush rolls are the back.

I hope this was interesting or helped. If you want a closer look or review on some products comment below. Also any questions leave them below. Also I would like to mention again I was not bragging and I know it's all not needed for a 15 year old girl.


  1. Loved this post! OMG I didn't realise you had so much makeup, so jealous! hehe <3

    1. Thank you! I honestly can't believe I have this much either. <3 xxx