Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Recent makeup buys

Hello everyone,

I have a beauty haul for you today, I thought I would some of the bits I have been picking up recently considering I haven't done a haul in ages! I have been buying a lot lately, especially clothing pieces but I may share that with you another time!

The first and the most exciting thing I have picked up is the Sleek Cream Contour Kit in light, yes you read that right! Their are now cream contour kit that are comparable to the ABH one, this was £10.99 and I am just so excited to use it! Hopefully I can get some nice contouring and highlighting going on, especially with the 6 different shades! I have read a couple of review about this and they all seem positive so far! (£10.99 - link)

My friend and I were both trying to decide the best way to applying this contour kit, then we came across this foundation and concealer brush from Primark, we thought we'd give it a go as it looks like the perfect shape for getting a good contour and highlight. This brush is only £1.50 so if it's rubbish it's not big loss! The the second brush I have been dying to true is the Real Techniques setting brush, as this is going to be great for a whole host of things from powder to potentially concealer and more!(£1.50 & £6.99 - link)

I have wanted to try this foundation for ages now as everyone seems to go on about this! I have gone to Estee Lauder counters to get testers and colour matched, and on pay day I said f**k it and just brought it! I got the shade 1CO Shell, and is a perfect match! I have to say getting new high end foundations is the best, but even foundations in general for that matter! The best thing about this foundation is the range of shades, but the fact that this is meant to be more or less suitable for everyone! (£30.00 - link)

Lately I have been getting real paranoid over my pores, blackheads and just skin in general. I have seen lots of reviews on the blackhead charcoal masks, so I decided while boots were having a 3 for 2, that I would pick this up to begin with which is the Boots tea tree witch hazel 2 step nose pore strips,! I am so excited to try this as it's got two different steps which are meant to help with blackhead and pores, so hopefully this works! (£5.99 - link)

The last two things that I got from the 3 for 2, is the Tea Tree witch hazel nose pore strips, this is that I wanted from boots before I got sucked into the deals. I have had these before and were good, but I need to try it again for my overall opinion. Lastly I got the Tea tree witch hazel charcoal facial mask, as I am hoping this is going to benefit my skin overall, but we shall see how I get on! (£4.99 & £3.59 - link and link)

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