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The makeup brush guide

Hello everyone,

I have a guide post for you which is going to be all about makeup brushes, I think I want to make this a regular thing now and then talking to you about anything beauty retailed, and my guide to the perfect products for beginners etc. This one is going to be all about makeup brushes that are just perfect for you to complete a full face of makeup!

The Foundation Brush -

The foundation brush that I swear by and always have since the day I bought this is the, Real Techniques Buffing brush which you can find in the core collection set. The buffing brush has synthetic bristles which makes it perfect for building up coverage, and is great for any type of foundation from liquid to mineral, this will give you a natural look which can be builded. This makes applying foundation so quick and easy, but it doesn't take it streaky or uneven. This set is a great one but this is by far the best brush it in. (£21.99 - link)

The Makeup Sponge - 

Makeup sponges are something that I have vernally turned my nose up because it just reminds me too much of them triangle ones, that just collect all the foundation instead of applying it. But the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge is unlike no other! This is a unique one because of the shape of it, this has a rounded which is perfect for larger areas of the face and quicker application, where I use a dabbing motion, then the tip of this is great for the smaller areas, for example under your eyes and covering imperfections and lastly you've got the flat side which is great for around your nose and eyes. This sponge is best used damp, ideally use cold water and keep squeezing out the excess water for perfect application. (£5.99 - link)

The Concealer Brush -

When it comes to concealer I chop and change between two, the first one is the Real Techniques contour brush, which you can also find in the core collection kit. This brush is perfect for around your eyes and nose especially, because of the smaller size but it's tapered and applies the product while blending it at the same time. When it comes to blemishes the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush which is available in the starter set, this is a good one as it's denser and smaller, this is great for redness around the centre of the face but is great for pin pointing concealer, this blend the concealer while applying it in specific areas. (£21.99 and £20.99 - link and link)

The Powder Brush -

I'm not too fussy when it comes to powder brushes then some people are, but the one I go back to all the time is the EcoTools powder brush, this is an affordable brush but makes applying powder quick and easy as it cover the face but isn't so big that you have no control over this. This is a soft brush and is perfect for any type of foundation from pressed to loose, it applies the powder evenly and gives a smooth finish to the skin.(£9.99 - link)

The Blusher Brush -

Finding the perfect powder brush hasn't been easy for me, until a few years ago when I came across the EcoTools Precision Blush Brush, this is the perfect size to get the product onto the brush to begin with, and fits very nicely in Benefit Boxed powder but this makes applying blush a quick process. The colour application that you can get form this brush is perfect, the unique shape is small enough to fit on the cheeks and it's oversized so it applies the product where you want it to go. Also a quick mention, when it comes to cream blush I tend to use the Real Techniques Stippling brush as it's quick to use, but it blends cream products real quickly without leaving your foundation looking streaky. (£7.99 and £11.99 - link and link)

The Contour Brush -

One of my favourite brushes of all time is the Real Techniques Sculpting brush! This brush is perfect for controlling especially because of the shape, it has a flat and wide head which makes it super easy to control and add definition to the face, it's perfect for cream and powder products! This applies the product effortlessly  as well as blending out at the same time. I have recommended this for a few friends and they are as obsessed as I am! Finding a control brush hasn't been easy because I wanted one that wouldn't apply it harsh, but one that is build able to alter the shades and this is the brush! (£9.99 - link)

The Bronzing Brush -

I don't tend to use bronzer too much but when I do the Real Techniques blush brush is perfect, simply because it's a fluffy and tapered brush which applied the bronzer in a more natural and effortless way simple because it's big enough so it's great at dispersing the bronzer making it more natural. But with the brush being tapered it allows you to apply the product then it blends at the same time, this allows you to also do your bronzer in hardly no time! (£9.99 - link)

The Highlighter Brush - 

For Cream highlighter I use the Elf Small stipple brush, as I find duo-fibre brushes best for cream products as it blends them much nicer without leaving you looking streaky and unnatural. This brush is so cheap but is amazing, this is also the perfect size and shape for highlighter and applies the products where you want it to go. Then for powder highlighter and everything in between, I use the Real Techniques duo-fibre contour brush which you can find in the duo-fibre kit, this is the perfect size for highlighter and picks up the right amount of product without looking over the top, especially when it comes to your highlighter! This blends the product and makes everything a much quicker process. (£4.50 and £23.99 - link and link)

The Eyebrow Brush -

I use a range of products for my eye brows from cream to powder and the best brush is the Anastasia Beverly Hill #12 brush, this is great for your eye brows because it's small enough for precise application, and it also comes with a spoolie at the other end! I will never look back now, and won't use any other brush when it comes to my eye brows! (£15.00 - link)

The Cream Eyeshadow Brush -

When it comes to cream eyeshadow and bases, such as Mac paint pots I use the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush which is available in the starter kit, this is the perfect brush for applying cream products as it just blends them so quick and effortlessly! Nothing looks unnatural and streaky, it makes the cream eyeshadows blend really nicely, as well as making everything look even and flawless. (£20.99 - link)

The Eyeshadow Brushes - 

When it comes to eyeshadow the best brushes I have found are the dual ended brushes from EcoTools which is called the Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set. These two brushes (in actual fact four brushes), give you everything you need to complete an eye look it comes with a shade, define and blend and smudge! Everything you need for a daily look, these make eye shadow a lot easier to do as it helps the shades blend a lot nicer, but it applies an even wash of colour all over the eye and for the price you can't go wrong! (£6.99 - link)

The Blending Brush - 

The last brush is an eye blending brush, which is the Mac 234 this is just the perfect brush for blending eyeshadow as it is a split fibre brush, one side offers you a natural side which gives you a softer and more natural look, while the synthetic fibres gives you the option to use this side for applying colour onto the lids while giving you a perfect look. This brush is such a hand brush, because you could essentially do your whole eye look with this one brush if you was in a rush, just perfect while giving you a lot that has no harsh edges. (£21.00 - link)

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