Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Driving lesson experience #5

Hello everyone,

Of course I have another driving lesson experience for you, which is my 5th one! I'm going to be honest with you, I am getting so impatient with driving now and just want to hurry up and pass as soon as possible! I only have two to update you on this week, so expect the missing one in a few weeks time!

Wednesday 6th April 2016 (Driving lesson #16)

Okay so this is where I started to recap everything as last week I had finished everything I needed to learn, we started off with the turn in the road (three point turn) and a reverse park. I have to say the three point turn is one of my favourites, and it definitely comes back to you after a while even though you wouldn't think it! This defiantly gets easier with time if your a bit unsteady with them, however I sort of grasped all of them in the beginning. Regarding the reverse parking, this is my favourite out of all of the. This again was fine recapping for me, once you do it once "guided" the rest of the times are easy and you springily remember everything! If you want to do some revision of all the manoeuvrement then check out driving test success, as they show you everything step by step with videos!

Wednesday 13th April 2016 (Driving lesson #17)

This was a really nice lesson as I was doing reverse to the left, which I got the hang of again really quickly. It's just having to remember to stop a few times and do all round checks, as well as making sure your steering isn't too harsh. After I done a few reverses to the left we drove for around half an hour, which was really good to just do more practise on the roads, we went on a few dual carriage ways and went up to 5th gear! It was a very good lesson driving and manoeuvrement wise so it felt productive and just "perfect".

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