Friday, 13 November 2015

Top 5 Highlighters

Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk to you about highlighters this week, I am a massive lover of having a decent highlight and these are my favourite products to achieve this. I love highlighters all year round, and every season but especially in Autumn/Winter.

To start with I thought I would give you a low on on highlighter in general. Highlighters come in all different formulas, packages, shades, colour and textures, the main purpose for highlighter is to emphasis the high points on the face, this is used to bring attention to these areas. Highlighting can be used on its own or in conjunction with contour, bronzer (the whole shebang). The areas you want to focus highlighter is on your cheek bones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, brow bone and  centre of the forehead and on your chin. 

Clockwise - Mac Pearl cream colour base, Benefit Watt's up, Mac Soft and Gentle, NYX liquid illuminator, Stila Kitten Duo

The highlighter I have loved for the longest time is Stila Kitten, I brought this on my birthday a few years back and was obsessed with it for months! I haven't used this in around a year, but Kitten is the perfect highlight which is visible on the skin, I use the left shade more as it's more neutral for my skin tone. 

My newest highlight and one of my favourites is the Mac cream colour base in Pearl, I remember Beautycrush talking about this and the benefit one for months and have only picked the Mac one up recently. It looks beautiful applied with the fingers, it's quick and easy but looks amazing!

Benefit Watt's up is my all time favourite, this is a lovely champagne gold which highlights the face like no other, this is better applied from you finger instead of using it from the tube as it looks unnatural.

The most famous highlighter is Mac Soft and Gentle mineralise skin finish, this is the best golden highlighter, perfect for any skin tone and is the best powder highlighter. This is perfect for both day and night and looks amazing on it's own or layered.

Then onto the most affordable one which is the NYX liquid illuminator in 02, this is again a gold which I say in soft and gentle in liquid version, this can look other the top but if you use a tiny bit dabbed in with your finger or a stippling brush it looks beautiful! I would defiantly say this is more of an evening highlight, as it looks very put together with a lot of hardly any makeup, you can also use this mixed in with your moisturiser or your base, for a natural all over glow!

Those are my favourites, I'll see you next week!

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