Friday, 6 November 2015

The Pressures Of Today

Hello everyone,

I was just watching Grace's instagram Q&A (link) and the question about the pressures of today really spoke to me. I wanted to do an extra post this week about the pressures of today, meaning todays society with my experience and knowledge. 

Society has such a big part to play in the pressures to today, you can ask anyone the question about how hard it is growing up, and what's influenced all of this and I can garuntee most of the answers will be 'Media, Celebrities and the internet', this would also be my answer. Growing up in is hard regardless of the year or where you are growing up, because everyone has their own struggles, when our parents and grandparents is was hard but in a different way from what is's like today.

In my opinion the media portrays a variety of pressures, stereotypes and stigmas which is hard to see and to accept at such vulnerable ages. First of all the idea of photoshopping; a lot of teenagers see pictures of celebrities thinking 'I want to look like that' we also see these people are being 'perfect' but in reality no one is perfect. The photos we see can be photoshopped into making us think that it's all natural, wether they have enhanced the lighting, changed someones shape or airbrushed 'imperfections'. But we also look up to celebrities and just people, who are 'rich' and have all the fame and fortune, thinking one day I want to be able to own a whole wardrobe full of Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin, but that isn't what life is about essentially, yes of course it would be nice to own all of that but it's not all about the materialistic things in life.

Compared to when I was younger the pressures were all about having the coolest trainers and the nicest clothes, but now everyone is pressured into having the best brow shape, being a size 6, having the biggest boobs and partying out till 2 in the morning. Times have changed but I suppose that comes hand in hand with growing up in society like today.

Over the past few days I have been researching the pressures of today in society and these are some of the biggest points:

  • Pressure to fit in
  • Pressure to be sexually active
  • Pressure to be perfect
  • Pressure to pick on others
  • Pressue to be successful
  • Pressure of having the best grades
  • Pressure of looking your best
These 7 bullet points are exactly how it is, they are exactly the troubles we face in todays society especially at my age, it isn't healthy for these to be pressures to feel as if people my age and younger should feel as if they need to do/be.

The pressure to fit in is a hard one considering going to different schools and meeting new people, you shouldn't feel as if you need to fit in because we are all individual. Friendships should come naturally, you should;t have to force conversation or to force the friendship. We feel as if we need to have the best clothes, the nicest shoes and the most expensive makeup to fit in, but it's not true! You shouldn't have to fit into a certain crowed to feel accepted.

The pressure to be sexually active is a big one, also the pressure to have a boyfriend, you shouldn't feel as if you need to dress 'sexy' to have a boyfriend, but that also means if you have a boyfriend it doesn't mean you have to have sex as soon as possible! In the UK the age to have sex is 16, but a lot of young people of today are feeling as if they need to do it earlier to 'fit in' or to feel 'loved' by their boyfriend, you should do it in your own time and it shouldn't have to be forced.

Being perfect is not a thing, but also the pressure to have the perfect body also interrelates. It doesn't matter if you don't have toned abs, a big bum or a bra size of a DD it doesn't matter! Some of these things are unrealistic expectation and things you can't change. People should accept you as you are, without putting you down because you don't have a lot of cleavage for example!

Picking on others and bullying will never go away, this is one part of society that has gotten worse in my opinion. You shouldn't feel pressured in to picking on other, to make yourself feel better. Bullying has got worse and it's mainly now cyber bullying, when my parents were growing up cyber bullying was never a thing, they couldn't afford mobiles/laptops because they didn't exist to start with, but now technology has developed and is increasing more people feel that it's more acceptable to bully people online, because they feel as if they can get away with it. You should be able to go onto Facebook and Twitter without feeling as if someone has indirectly hurt you through a tweet/status.

The pressure of being successful is becoming more of a bigger thing,  this also relates to having the best grades. Yes it would be nice to earn thousands a month but it won't happen for everyone, as long as your happy is the main thing. Society puts a lot of pressure on being successful through TV programmes such as Britain's flashiest families, and the pressure to own a pool in your garden, 20 Chanel handbags and more! You don't have to earn thousands a month to be successful!

Looking your best is similar to the pressure to be perfect. A long time ago you would have been picked on for having holes in your shoes, and not being able to afford a new pair every time. But now a days, their is a pressure to own multiple pairs of shoes as well as the newest. Also we see celebrities in magazines, and they look nice going out wearing heels, a full face of makeup and nice clothes just to get petrol! Then we may go into town wearing no makeup, and leggings and this is seems are not looking your best, you shouldn't have to wear heels everywhere you go, and a lot of makeup! Dress how you want to dress.

Lastly, times have changed a lot and so have society, but you can't let this affect you on a day to day basis, sometimes we gives our hopes up to easily if we don't get an A* or if we don't get the  newest Mac collection, as long as we are happy that is the main thing. You can't let society put you down, just remember no one is perfect and not everyone is happy 24/7! To help with these false representations, you should fill your self with love from family and friends, as well as role models that do good for the world!

How do you think society has changed, and what other pressures of today have I not covered?

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