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Yankee Candle// Tarts & Collection

Hello everyone,

This is going to be a long one, I have debating weather to do this for a while, because I weren't sure if it was going to be interesting. But I am going to do it any way because someone out their must find this interesting. This is going to be my Yankee Candle collection of Tarts, plus a tiny review!

With Yankee Candle tarts you have to buy a tart wax burner, I brought mine from Asda, this is part of the Yankee Candle Simply Home collections. I didn't want to spend too much but this was around £5-£7. You have to get some unscented tea light candles and put the at the bottom of the burner, then you need to buy a tart and place that in the top. You light the tea light and your done. I have also mentioned these is a haul but I have two large jar candles in Fruit Fusion and Bunny Cake, the bunny cake is limited edition for Easter 2014.

My opinion on the Tart's is kind of mixed. I love that they are so cheap, also the scents are more widely available and they also do really nice scents. But my only thing about this is the scents are that strong, because they are so small. By this it doesn't let that much scent out compared to the Large Jar Candles. But they release more scent in the beginning. In my opinion these are much safer than a Jar Candle, because the flame is hidden more. Also you need to buy a big pack of the tea lights because they burn so quickly!


Tart Burner - Click here
Tarts - Click here
Asda Simply Home tarts - Click here
Asda Tart Burner - Click here 

For your information and Prices// The prices of these vary, for the Simply home range they are £1, I get mine in Asda. Than in Presence is where I get the normal range from these retail for £1.25. But on the Yankee Candle website they are £1.49.

This is my collection//

Christmas collection (2013):

- Christmas Eve x3 + 1 used
- Christmas Memories x2
- Red Berry & Cedar
- Snowflake Cookie + 1 used
- Season Of Peace 
- Merry Marshmallow x2
- Fireside Treats
- Christmas Treats (Simply Home)
- Christmas Cookie x2
- Cherries On Snow
- Sugared Apple
- Sunlight On Snow (Simple Home)

Permanent collection:

- Apple Spice Potpourri (Simply Home)
- Vanilla Lime x2
- Mandarin Cranberry 
- Summer Scoop x2
- Vanilla Frosting (Simply Home)
- Sparkling Lemon 
- Soft Blanket
- Beach Walk
- Black Coconut 
- Vanilla Satin 
- Sicilian Lemon 
- Wild Passion Fruit 
- Pink Dragon Fruit
- Pineapple Cilantro 
- Ocean Blossom 
- Turquoise Sky 
- Bermuda Beach (Simply Home)
- Sweet Pea (Simply Home)
- Lake Sunset 
- Citrus Water (Simply Home)
- Cherry Vanilla (Simply Home)

Just to clarify the Simple Home ones are still from Yankee Candle, I think you can only get these in supermarkets, I have seen them in Tesco and Asda. If you don't want to buy the Yankee Candle Tarts lots of other brands do similar things like; Bomb Cosmetics and Kringle Candle.

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