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Tag// Would You Rather - Beauty

Hello everyone,

I wanted to do another blog post and I was looking through quite old tags, and I found the would you rather beauty edition. I am going to be doing this. If you want me to do any other tags then comment below.

1. Would you rather wear eye makeup or skin makeup?

I have to say skin makeup, because without it I look dead. And my lashes are quite defined anyway. Also skin makeup makes me feel so much more human and confident.

2. Would you rather cut off all your hair, or never cut your hair again?

I would rather never cut my hair again, because I couldn't imagine not having my hair, and also if I had the choice I would never cut it. I think I would be very nervous and scared to even go out in public after having long hair, I wouldn't be able to get used to it!

3. Would you rather always wear clothes too big or too small?

By far wearing clothes too big, because having clothes too small your really un-comfy, but also you are going to look really weird. Also with big clothes you can tie and make them more stylish.

4. If you were given £1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup? 

I would love to say makeup, but I have a lot for my age and I don't use every single product. I would pick clothes because you can never have too much, and their is a chance to go to designer clothes. But if shoes or bags counted I would go straight to Michael Kors for a Black Selma bag or Christian Louboutin for a pair of black heels.

5. Would you rather wear lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?

I would say lipstick as eyeliner because you can get so many colours. But for eyeliner as lipstick you will get dry lips and the colours are less lipstick like colours. And you can also get natural and black eyeliner.

6. Would you rather wear MC Hammer pants/trousers or Biker Shorts in public?

I would wear MC Hammer trousers if they were black and not gold! because looking at past fashion week pictures they can be styled so nice. But if they were gold I would say Biker shorts.

7. Would you rather never be able to fill in your eyebrows or only fill them in using a sharpie?

I would say never being able to fill my eyebrows in because even though I am an eyebrow 'aholic, my eyebrows are quite dark and defined anyway. But using a sharpie would be a recepie for disaster. 

8. Would you rather never pluck your eyebrows, or never shave your legs?

I would never shave my legs, because your legs are only out in the Spring/Sumer, and my leg hairs aren't dark and they don't grow that much. But my eyebrows I have to have them plucked/waxed.

9. Would you rather never to be able to shop at Mac again or only use Mac?

I would have to say only using Mac, because they have a very wide selection of colours, formulas and shades and every product. And I use something from Mac nearly every day.

10. Would you rather only wear one eyeshadow colour or only one lipstick colour for the rest of your life?

I would say only one eyeshadow colour, because on a daily basis I only wear one. But my lipstick colour I change every day or every other day. Also only using one lipstick would be so hard because I change my blush everyday, and a nude will look boring with a subtle blush. (if that makes sense!)

11. Would you rather have bright nails or dark nails all year round?

I would say bright because they has a whole range of colours, and dark nails in the Summer could ruin an outfit. 

12. Would you rather give up your favourite eye product or lip product?

I would say to give up my favourite lip product, because for colour my lips are quite pigmented already. But eye I can't go a makeup day without mascara, and brows I would die not filling in on a makeup day!

13. Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice makeup or nice hair and messy makeup?

I wear makeup with a messy bun or a messy pony tail. And I feel so much more confident with makeup and hair doesn't really do anything for me.

14. Would you rather dye your hair neon green hair or neon green lipstick for the rest of your life?

I would say have neon green lipstick, because it's fun but having neon green hair I just would feel to to much out of my comfort zone. But green lipstick would be fun to play around with different looks, and you would stand out by people thinking, she has so much confidence to wear green lipstick.

15. Would you rather never take your makeup off, or never wear any for the rest of your life?

I would rather never wear any, because not taking it off is horrible! Also the amount of spots you would get it terrible. But it would wear off at some point until your left with horrible skin. But if you was to go without makeup you wouldn't get that many spots and blemishes! Also if you had bad under eye circle you could wear sunglasses.

I tag everyone! What do you think of my answers? Would you answer differently? Comment below

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