Monday, 10 August 2015

Theory Test Revision Tips

Hello everyone,

You may know that I am 17 in December meaning that I can finally learn how to drive! I have been so excited to learn how to drive for as long as I can remember. However along with driving you have to do a theory test which I am currently studying/revising for, I thought I would give you some of my tips and how I am studying for it. I also was looking around for some revision tips to help me but I couldn't find any videos/posts hence why I decided to do my own, I hope this is helpful!

My first tip is to revise and practise for it months in advance, leaving it to the last minute is going to be terrible. I started studying for it back in April, the reason I say not to leave it a few months before, is simply because driving is a new skill to everyone at the age of 17, and because you've never done it before it is going to take longer to study for because it's all new things your learning. It's like leaving all your revision for a Spanish exam a few months before when you have never done it before! Just remember you can never leave it too early the more practise you get, the better.

You don't have to spend loads of money studying for this exam, I have found a lot of free apps, I have downloaded a app on my laptop called 'Theory Test Free' on the Mac app store, the great thing about this app is that it gives you a lot of information on the Highway Code, it even has one of my books on the app for free, it doesn't feature all the pages but the blue book in the picture above comes free with this app. I would highly recommend this app as well because it tracks your progress and gives you a low down on your performance in each area of the test, the Hazard Perception part of this app it very good as well compared to some I have tried.

Some apps I have downloaded on my phone are called 'Theory Genius' this gives you 15 different theory tests, this is a great app for on the go which is what I tend to do quit a lot. Another app is called 'Theory Test Success', this again is a really good app because it gives you the chance to do a practise test and then a real mock test which is timed. This also tracks your progress with a percentage of your overall test and a chart showing your progression over time.

I would also recommend buying some books, I brought the Department for Transport Traffic signs and the official Highway Code books from amazon, they were very cheap and handy especially to stick in your bag when your on the go as well. A few months ago I brought the Driving Test Success premium DVD off Groupon, this is a fantastic DVD as it gives you your theory test practise, Hazara perception test as well as a car care dvd and a young driver emergency checklist! Because I brought mine from Groupon mine also came with 2 L and P plates, all for around £10. I would highly recommend this DVD as it gives you everything you need in one place, this also explains the questions you got wrong as well which can be very handy for a beginner. Also this DVD gives you videos of driving lessons and a mock driving test someone sits, this way you can get an idea of driving lessons and the vocabulary they use.

Lastly I have some general revision tips for you, in the note section on my phone I enter my score I get in every theory test along with the date and what I used i.e a online theory test. This helps me to track my progress, this also gets you motivated because your seeing that your actually getting better as time goes on, here I can also see that on my very first theory test on the 9th April 2015 I got 37/50, which is great considering I have never revised for it before. Also I have designated a notebook for my theory tests and revision, here I put in my score as well as some questions I got wrong along with the correct answer for future reference. This helps a lot because your writing it down so it's going to go in your head more then just reading it and skipping.

I hope this helped, good luck to anyone sitting/revising for your tests. Also if you have any more revision tips comment below!

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