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Mac Lipstick Collection

Hello everyone,

I am finally doing my Mac lipstick collection, I have wanted to do this post for a while now, but I feel as if I have a suitable amount of lipsticks now to show you. I love mac lipsticks and in my opinion they are the best ones out their, the price of them are now £15.50, which isn't too bad for high end as some more pricer lipstick to towards the £40 mark!

I now have a total of 10 Mac lipsticks and I am not stopping their. Overall I think Mac lipsticks are one of the best interlay for their colour selection, they have every shade imaginable and every finish you would ever want. Mac have a lot of different finishes, so I thought I would explain the finishes of the lipsticks I have... (If you want to know all of the mac finishes just google it, their are a lot of blog posts about them)

Mac packaging is very nice, I love the black bullet with the simple 'Mac' on the lid, looks very expensive and luxe. It is also very hard wearing and sturdy. (10/10)

Cremesheen - Creamy lipstick, with a good amount of pigment which aren't too sheer. They also give a gloss finishes, these aren't drying.

Matte - No sheen or gloss, bold opaque lipstick, very well pigmented but can be drying, they also have a great long wearing colour.

Satin - Slightly more glossy then matte lipsticks (Semi-matte), they have a more of a non flat colour, they can also be quit drying but last a long time.

Frost - These lipsticks are sometimes very shimmery with some glitter and frost looking. They also don't tend to last too long.

Lustre - Sheer lipstick, hit of colour, moisturising but they don't last too long.

Glaze - The least pigmented formula, very easy to wear because they are natural looking, they don't tend to last too long either.

My collection:

Myth 'Light neutral nude' satin finish:

This is my newest lipstick and it is one of my favourites! I have worn this nearly every day, a really easy colour to wear, this isn't too drying just carry a lip balm with you. This is a nude lipstick but doesn't give you the concealer lips look. (9.5/10)

Velvet Teddy 'Deep tone beige' matte finish:

This is a lovely lipstick if your looking for a deeper tone nude, this is very pigmented and stays on for a good amount of time, this is drying but again lip balm is needed. I am not a fan of brown nudes a lot of the time but this one looks beautiful with every makeup look. (8/10)

Plumful 'Blossoming rose-plum' lustre finish:

One of my favourite lipsticks, if your not the biggest fan of brigh purple lipsticks give this a try and it's a tone down plum, this can be very natural and looks great during the day as well as in the evening. This can be sheer which is great for a more natural look, but you can build this up with a few coats for the colour in the bullet. This is moisturising as well, doesn't last the longest but I don't mind topping lipstick up throughout the day. (10/10)

Creme Cup 'Light blue pink' cremesheen finish:

My favourite every day lipstick and my favourite finish. This is a very wearable light pink which is a very nice pink nude, a very weasel colour and looks great on everyone. This is moisturising and stays on for a ok amount of time but needs topping up after a few hours. (10/10)

Sweetie 'Ultra-sweet pink' lustre finish:

This again is another one of my favourite lipsticks, this is a light pink with purple undertones. This is a more wearable pink compared to some, looks perfect on anyone and would looks lovely with a natural gold/brow smokey eye. This feels lovely on the lips being moisturising but again doesn't last too long, gives a lovely wash of colour to the lips. (10/10)

Peach blossom 'Frosted cool nude' cremesheen finish:

Again another favourite lipstick of mine, this is a wonderful peachy nude, looks lovely with every look and wonderful to throw on for the day, I used to wear this a lot to school as it was your lips but better and peachier. This is very moisturising but doesn't last too long. (10/10)

Pervette 'Soft bright pink with violet opalescent shimmer' glaze finish:

Honestly this is my least used mac lipstick, I hardly reach for it, this is because it looks quit shimmery and frost like. I will start to wear this more because it can look lovely on, this can be very natural with a few applications because it's sheer. (5/10)

Rebel 'Midtonal creme plum' satin finish:

As you can tell by the colour this isn't a every day colour for me as it can look over the top for a daily lipstick, never the less this is a beautiful plum which looks great built up or applied lightly, one of my favourite lipsticks. This is a great formula and looks matte but does have a slight sheen. (9/10)

Angel 'Soft pink' frost finish:

This is my least favourite finish as it looks a bit odd on my lips, but this colour doesn't look frosty on, has slight shimmer. This is a perfect every day lipstick and is one of my most worn lipsticks, this doesn't last too long on the lips but looks stunning. (9/10)

Pink Pearl Pop 'Frosted mid tonal pink' cremesheen finish:

A lipstick I haven't got enough wear out of but it's a beautiful light pink which can be built up to a brighter pink. This is a very summery colour and looks lovely on fair skin especially, very moisturising and lasts a few hours. (8/10)

Mac Lipstick wishlist:
  • Blankety
  • Half and Half
  • Syrup
  • Sushi kiss
  • Faux
  • Watch me simmer
  • Brave
  • Mehr
  • Honey love
  • Snob
I hope you enjoyed this post!

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