Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Blogmas Day 15 - Christmas Decorations

Hello everyone,

I thought I would share with you some of our Christmas Decorations as it's only 10 days till christmas it's going to quickly!

Prepare yourself for festive photos!

This is our Christmas tree for 2015! We always go for a fake tree and having a real tree just seems a lot of work cleaning up the needles. Every tree has a theme, we have gone for gold and purple again this year as they are very pretty colours, we also have a lot of 'special' baubles which are meaning full which we collect over the years.

As you can see we have done a good amount of wrapping, we are really organised when it comes to wrapping and buying presents, but I have to admit I have hardly done any, which is very unlike me! A lot of our decorations and wrapping paper is from Next as they are reasonably pried with a lot of variety. Our tree is from Homebase (link), and I love the frosted snow details.

We also have gold garlands on some of our window sills, this gold one is from Next (link) and the ballerina figure is also from Next (link). They are so pretty and I think they are really good quality for the money.

We also have a cold holder which says 'Noel' on the top, this hooks over the door and just holds all our Christmas cards. I know this is silver but you don't really see it when all the cards are on it, this is also from Next (link).

When I think of Christmas I think of all the bright lights, especially candles etc. Well this is a table lamp bar tea light set from BHS, this is so cute and it's really pretty when all the lights are out. I can't find this on the website but similar ones (here and here).

Lastly we have one of these twig tree lights which is from B&M (here), this is so pretty and is one of my favourite things! We have a S and C ornament from Next which is silver glitter (Similar one here).

I hope this has made you more festive! I will have my bedroom decorations coming soon...

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