Monday, 14 December 2015

Blogmas Day 14 - My Christmas Jumper

Hello everyone,

I thought a classic christmas item of clothing is a Christmas Jumper! I thought I would share with you my Christmas jumper of 2015, and just a general chat about them!

My Christmas Jumper:

Christmas Jumper - Primark

I am not the one to wear a Christmas jumper on Christmas, I have never worn one on Christmas day until this year. I have always preferred making more of an effort wearing a nice dress or something similar.

This year all of us are wearing a Christmas jumper, I am only wearing mine for photos hence why I brought a cheaper one from Primark I can't remember the price around £12+ I think.
I did find some more expensive ones from places such as Toyshop and Lipsy. If your looking for some Christmas Jumpers why don't you check these out:

Lipsy Co-ord Jumper and Skirt £35 each (Link)

New Look £14.99 (Link)
In the Style Currently £9.99 (Link)
Topshop £28 (Link)

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