Sunday, 14 June 2015

Talking about tattoos

Hello everyone,

This is a pretty random blog post but I wanted to talk about tattoos, I have always been intrigued by tattoos in general I love seeing peoples tattoos and hearing the meaning behind them, I think they look beautiful and they are very personal which makes me think you can tell a lot by a persons tattoo. So I thought that I would share with you just some tattoos I like and if/when I get some what I would get, (Bearing in mind i'm 16, this is just a fun chatty post)!

As a little disclaimer I know tattoos aren't for everyone but I am just sharing my inters and likes with you.

Tattoos I like:

I love the location of this tattoo as well as the font, I also think this saying 'This too shall pass' has a lot of different meanings which can relate to some personal times.

I love white ink tattoos, they look so simple but to chic, I also love them because they aren't as noticeable.

I have always loved tattoos behind the ear, they are easy to cover but the location is very feminine in my opinion. I also love the paw print considering I am such a dog lover especially.

Tattoos I would like to get:

First of all I would love a tattoo on the middle finger of my right hand, on the inside facing me. This would be a small tattoo of either a outline of a bird in black ink, or the word breathe in italics in black ink. The reason for this tattoo is for reassurance especially having anxiety it makes it hard to forget to take a step back and to 'breathe'. I also love the idea of a bird because they are free and they mean happiness which is a positive message to keep you strong and fighting. (This is sort of the tattoo here on the right), but instead saying breathe.

The next tattoo is quite a cheesy one but I love the meaning behind it. I would like a infinity tattoo on the ring ringer on the side (just like the one in the picture , the infinity symbol means forever, which is appropriate for when I am married (it would be under my wedding ring etc). I have always loved the look of infinity tattoos and they are very pretty and feminine. I also love that they also mean no limitations and never endless possibilities which motivates you to achieve your dreams and to make the most of life.

As I said above I love white ink tattoos they look beautiful! I would love the quote 'This too shall pass' in a white ink on my right forearm. This quote means a lot while dealing with anxiety, especially because it reminds you that everything is going to get better and soon this time will pass. I think the font of this tattoo shown in the picture looks very whimsical and vintage looking, this isn't too in your face but it's simplistic.

This is the tattoo that pops into mind as of now, I also mentioned above about having a paw print tattoo. I love this one shown in the picture because to me, I represent a paw print with dogs obviously so it would be in loving memory of my dog charlie which means a lot to me. Also this tattoo could also be for my love of dogs as well. I love the cluster of paw prints together but I wouldn't be too sure wether I would want a few or just one.

My last tattoo is a bow, I love bows they look feminine and they represent love, strength and beauty. This tattoo shown in the picture if probably the one I would get, I love how feminine and simplistic the bow looks it's not too structured either. I think I would get this on the left wrist and maybe a bit smaller just so it's a bit easier to hide. This tattoo represents a lot to me because the black ink represents strength and the bow representing femininity which could represent my nan, especially because she is such a strong woman who means a lot to me.

What are your opinions on tattoos? Would you like any/have you got any, comment below!

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