Friday, 12 June 2015

My GCSE exams - My thoughts and opinions

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I last spoke to you but now I have finished all of my exams, I had my last one today and I am so relieved that they are finished so to ease my in gently back into blogging I thought I would share my opinion with you on how the exams went!

Science Core Biology - It feels like ages ago since I done this exam but this was my most confident exam out of science and I thought it went alright, it was my most confident one of the sciences.

Science Core Chemistry - This was a little harder then the biology one but it wasn't too bad. My only point about this exam is that their was a lot of standard form in this paper which I don't get taught in foundation maths, so their was a lot of maths based questions that I couldn't do because it's not in my spec for maths.

Geography 1 - This paper was geographical skills which I was expecting to be very hard to be honest but this was a nice one of the 3, it wasn't horrible the questions were good and everything more or less came up which I revised. I did do the foundation paper for this which made it a bit easier, but the map was readable and it was generally a nice paper.

Science Core Physics - This exam was the worst it you looked at the physics hashtag (#ocrphysics) some of the tweets summed up how bad the exam was it wasn't the best exam. We opened the paper to a six mark question on some solar system which I didn't get taught. My personal favourite tweet was 'OCR must think we all studied quantum physics at university for 5 years and are the offspring of Albert Einstein'. Also in this paper their was a lot of maths based questions which again I couldn't answer this time they had standard form and direct proportion!

English Language - This is the longest exam ever so sometimes it can be really boring which it was don't get my wrong, but the paper was a all over really good and interesting paper. Sometimes the sources in this exam can be either really good or really bad, surprisingly they were really good this time they were based around child labour etc. If your wondering the order I done this paper in was 6,5,1,2,3,4 and I had 5 minutes to spare at the end to re read my answers and to double check everything. Lastly question 5 and 6 were really good as well I enjoyed questions 5 as I found a lot to write about.

Geography paper 2 - This is my strongest exam out of the two and I found this one good as well, I was shocked because their was hardly any case study questions (one to be exact) which no one revised it was about non renewable energy for wasteful word all the other topics had no 6 marker case study questions. I was looking forward to the tectonics case study question about Montserrat and a wasteful world question on Germany for at least 6 marks, but on a two marker came up which was not a proper case study question.

Maths paper 1 (Non calculator) - I was very nervous for this exam but I  was excited because this is the exam I revised the most for. I done the foundation paper, and I found the paper alright actually a few questions where I struggled by the non calculator it always my weakest of the two. 

Maths paper 2 (Calculator) - This was a god send this paper I found it lovely all the questions were decent and I found it really good. The questions for the paper were not what I was expecting I wanted trial and improvement, bearings etc to come up but none of it did.

Geography paper 3 - This paper was the hardest of them all but this is the one I didn't revise the most for because I was concentrating on maths. This had more case study questions which I didn't really understand but I didn't think that I got tough it to be honest.

Health and Social - This is the paper I had today which I felt was good, a question on diet came up which I didn't revise heavily on. I thought the paper was good but I was expecting some of the questions to be much harder, especially for the life stages and find/gross motor skills, also the relationships question was layed out really well as well in a tick box style.

So these were my exams and my opinions on everything! I want to know how your exams went comment below with your opinions!

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