Saturday, 6 September 2014

Beauty Haul

Hello everyone,

I kind of want to apologise for not posting that much this week, honestly I have been feeling really unmotivated and wanted a break. But I have a beauty haul for you, of a few new things I have brought lately.

The most important thing I brought was Bio Oil, this is the 60ml bottle. I needed this for my scar from my stitches, this has a lot of benefits like it specialists in scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydrated skin. This has even been awarded a Beauty Insiders Choice award. (£8.99 - Link)

I mentioned that I wanted the Bourjois Java Rice Powder because it's such a throwback beauty product and very interesting. This is a product I haven't got to grips with yet for how to use it, but I will sure do a review. (£9.99 - Link)

Something which I have heard quite a lot about and that is the Nuxe Rive De Miel Lip Balm. I got this on a whim because I saw and I just kinda of needed it. I have used this a few times already and love it! (£9.50 -  Link)

Something very new from Maybelline in the UK, and this is the Baby Lips Electro. I brought all four of these, I brought the colours (from left to right) Strike a rose, Berry Bomb, Oh! Orange!, Pink Shock. These are brighter colours than the original, but I will have a review soon. Then I also brought a original Baby Lips in Cherry me as a repurchase. (£2.99 - Link, Link) 

I will do review soon on everything! Have you been buying anything lately? Comment below.


  1. i recently had stitches out and bio oil has done my scars a world of good! good luck :)

    1. I hated having them, I hope it wasn't too traumatic for you! That is so good to hear that they are going to do some good! Thanks x