Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Advice// Supply Teachers & Teachers

Hello everyone,

I am going to start a new series on my blog about advice, I love helping people and giving advice. I am going to start off by talking about Teachers, I am going to base it around a bad experience mainly about supplies etc. But if you want me to discuss, or any questions you want me to give my advice and opinion on, you can comment below or direct message me on Instagram or Twitter. (Instagram, Twitter Links)

For me I was having supplies at some of the worst times for example I had a supply teacher and a bad teacher for around my whole year 10 science lessons. But what I have found is that the teacher just does't mix with the students very well, everyone feels as if they should be paying around throwing things, and it's unfair on the people that want to learn. And it's a case of people taking advantage on the weaknesses of the teacher. Also with supplies for me they don't seem to know what their doing, their late and just not very organised. In a science lesson once we was learning Chemistry, and the teacher didn't know what he was doing because he was a Biology supply teacher. The thing is that if we was only have supply teacher once a few months that would be ok to an extent, but we was having them every lesson about four times a week. 

My advice for you if you was having supply teacher or generally not very good teachers, my first advice is you deal with it for a few weeks. Then you get a good idea of what is going wrong and it could hopefully only be a one off lesson. But don't base it off a few lessons give it two weeks to see if it improves or changes.

After you have given it a few weeks talk to other people in your class to see if it's just you who has got a bad connection with the teacher. But if it's not go and talk to someone, I spoke to my form tutor then she passed emails along, then I spoke to the head of science, and explained my problem but the thing is, is to be honest with them because they will understand.

For me I have learnt from the whole supply teacher situation is, just try to make the most of it. When we have supply teachers and I feel that we haven't got any set work, I get a revision book and make notes, answer questions etc. If your just sitting their your not helping yourself ether. 

Also for me it was in year 10, and this was a important year for me apart for year 11. But what I felt as if I had to do some days was to get help, I went to some teachers and asked them for help after school, during lunch etc. But I also done some of my own revision at home, going over what we was meant to be doing in the lesson. 

I hope this helped, and things will get better if you speak up! Comment below if you have had a bad teacher/supply experience. 

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