Saturday, 5 December 2015

Blogmas Day 5 - Stocking Filler gift guide

Hello everyone,

I have the last gift guide for you for 2015! I think the stocking filler one is my favourite are they are all unique and quirky gifts, this one is going to be under £10, this can be for anyone and everyone, for stocking filler ideas or for secret santa!

I have found a few drinking games/alcohol related gifts which would be great for both men and women. The first one is these drinking games bar mats from Next, they have 30 different mats so 30 different drinking games all for £4. These are a great present as it's so reasonably priced, and would be great for anyone who drinks. Link

The second drink related gift I have found is this book of Shots and shooters, which features 50 different recipes for £10 also from Next. These would be great for any drinker, but to make it a bigger present you could also buy them some shot glasses. Link

I have also found this christmas photo booth part props, which has 10 different props from santa hats or red noses! This is from not on the high, this is £7.50 and would be great for christmas photos with family and friends. Link

Everyone loves a good starbucks, especially at christmas time! I love the Starbucks dusting set from Boots, this is defiantly a good present for Starbucks lovers, this is £10 and would go so well for everyone who loves hot drinks, especially hot chocolate! Link

Zoella Beauty now has some christmas limited edition sets out for this year, they would make such good stocking fillers or just presents in general. My favourite is the mini fizz bar trio, it retails for £8 and would be perfect for teens, Zoella fans or bath lovers. Link

I have found something that could be for kids or anyone for that fact, it's a VW camper van pencil case in either pink, blue and red. This just looks really good, it's a pencil case but I am pretty sure you can use this as a makeup bag as well, or just to hold random bits. It's £5.59 from flamingo gifts. I just love how cool this looks, would also be perfect for anyone who loved VW camper vans, and I think anyone could find a use from it if they don't need pencil cases. Link

That is the last of my gift guides for this year, stay tuned for tomorrow where i'll be discussing christmas tunes!

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