Thursday, 31 March 2016

Driving Lesson Experience #4

Hello everyone,

I have another driving lesson experience for you this week, I can't believe I had 15 driving lessons already! I am really enjoying it lately and I have a lot to update you on, but without further a do here we go!

Fiat 500 

If you didn't know a Fiat 500 is my dream car, we went to look at them around January time just to get an idea of what the car is like. Well I fell in love, it's a very nice car which I obviously have my eye on!

Wednesday 16th March 2016 (Driving lesson #13) -  

For my 13th lesson we were moving on with the manoeuvres, and the next one was reversing around a corner, specifically reversing to the left. I had been told and was well aware that this wasn't the easiest of the manoeuvres, when we talked through the actual manoeuvre so I could see what I needed to do, I felt more pressure because it looked so confusing! However when we started to actually do this it was more definitely harder then the other ones we had done, but honestly it wasn't too bad! I think once you have done it at least once for me I got the hang of it straight away, nothing was too difficult but to be honest with you it's having to keep checking your mirrors for any vehicles or pedestrians approaching which made me feel slight pressure, but apart from that it was perfect! So far I have been finding them all relatively easy, which I was really happy with because they were always something I thought I was going to struggle with.

Wednesday 23rd March 2016 (Driving lesson #14) -

Moving on to another parking manoeuvre was bay parking, which is basically parking in a car park for example. We drove to our local Asda, found a quit spot right by the car wash (just great!), we done a few practise ones which was good, as we used the sticker on the window trick which made it much easier! While I was doing my bay parking, I had all the men at the car wash staring at me which was slightly distracting but it was fine! Once I done the parking a few times, it was fine and it has ended up being one of my favourites! To begin with I was really nervous about children and just people walking past, because everyone just walks out in front of cars but I think because I was aware it could happen, I was much more alert when it came to this. After we done a few of these we went for a drive, and it's funny to see that your driving can change to quickly, and because we was having to many good lessons with my driving, I was due a 'bad' one and we was spot on! 

Wednesday 30th March 2016 (Driving lesson #15) -

I can now say that this was my last 'learning lesson', we had covered every single thing I had to learn which was so nice to hear but felt like I had been learning for months and months! Anyways, the last thing to learn was emergency stops! When we talked about emergency stops before we done them, I felt anxious because it just seems so scary because it has to be done really quickly, and all within a short distance of time especially when using this in an emergency, fingers crossed I will never have to use this though! She said that when you are doing this in a test as well, the examiner will pull you over and tell you that your going to do an emergency stop but you won't know when, but they will put their hand up and shout 'stop'! I felt so nervous because the anticipation was killing me, she showed me how it was going to feel actually doing it, and this made me so nervous because it feels like your in a crash with the harsh braking, as you literally jolt forward (thankfully we have seat belts!!). When it was time for me to do it, I think I panicked every time and my heart was beating 1000 bpm, but it wasn't hard just really nerve wracking as you don't know when they are going to say it! Anyways that was everything I had to learn, but we done a practise of a three point term, which was much easier to remember then I thought considering I hadn't done it for 4 weeks but since doing all the other manoeuvres it was much easier! 

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