Sunday, 3 April 2016

April Goals

Hello everyone,

I just finished reading Jess' blog post about her April goals (link), and obviously it has inspired me to think about my goals for April and just for the next new months or so. I thought that I would sit down and just gather my thought on what I would like to do/achieve, I really like the idea of doing a few goals each month as it's more feasible then new years resolutions, so I may make this a monthly thing or so.

Focus on my health and me 

Lately I have sort of noticed that I need to focus on my health more, simply because I haven't really been feeling tip top. I just need to focus on me and doing what I want to do, I don't want my health to deteriorate as this would be the last thing I need, and I have noticed that not focusing on me has really taken a toll.

Save money!

This month my aim is to save some money, as I need to buy a car/ put some money towards it. So for obvious reasons I need to stop buying things I don't necessary need and put some aside for a car.

Finish assignments 

I need to finish my assignments and carry on keeping on top of them, because the sooner I finish my assignments the sooner I can break up for Summer so we're aiming for about mid-end of May! This is what's keeping me motivated; the thought of braking up earlier so Summer.

Go outside more

Recently I have been spending so much time on my laptop doing assignments, for something like 7 hours in the evening, and I need to get outside more often! Hopefully when/if the weather gets a little warmer, I can go for some walks to just escape from work.

Focus on my scrapbook

You may know if you've seen my post about my scrapbook, but I am still doing it and I just want to finish everything to date so far, because soon I will be adding some more bits in like my holiday to Barcelona etc...

More lifestyle posts

Lately I have been loving doing lifestyle posts, as their doesn't seem to be many lifestyle/advice blogs out there, so I thought I would carry on with the advice posts and focus on some topics. As I start my easter holiday tomorrow I want to be blogging a few more times a week, just as a little break from all my college work!

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