Friday, 8 April 2016

5 tips on having a productive half term

Hello everyone,

I have really gotten into having these extra blog posts a day because it's just something to pass the time! Speaking of passing the time, I am going to share with you some things that can help you with having a more productive half term, and breaks from school/work.

When it comes to half terms and having breaks from school/work it can be hard having a productive day, but I know that having two weeks off now is great, on th either hand if I don't have enough productive days I will think it's a waste of a holiday and time off, so these are some things I do to make sure that doesn't happen.

Set targets for the day 

When it comes to the morning I set some targets of some things that I want to achieve that day, this doesn't have to be anything extravagant, but my target for today was to finish my assignment and I achieved that. I don't like to set more than one or two targets, because then I know I won't do anything if I bombard myself. Some targets you could set yourself are things like tidy my room, organise ... and to finish my homework for example.

Plan ahead 

Planning ahead gives you something to focus on and potentially look forward to. When it comes to half term and breaks way from your usual routine, you can start to slack and end up doing nothing but knowing you have something planned, makes you actually get up and do something! Sometimes you may have to set your alarm if it's something in the morning, but either way this helps you to do something productive and to get out the house. 

Do something you enjoy

The point of half terms is for you to do somethings that you enjoy doing, that is taking a step back from all your work. This is the time for you to do somethings that you want to do with your spare time, meet up with some friends, go shopping, write a blog post or go to the gym! Anything, that is getting your mind off the thought of your school work, you need time to relax and take a step back!

Prioritise your work

What I do when it comes to my holidays and half terms, I prioritise my work! I start off by finding out and write down the work I have to do and when it's due in (in order of when it's due), then I start to work with the one that's due in first and work my way down, but during this time I give myself a time period to complete it all in. For example I have a few assignments due when I get back, and i've given myself the first week to complete everything. This way your getting all your work over and out the way, for you to do what every you want for the remaining week or who ever long you've got.

Take 5 

The is so important you need to have a break and not be too strict with yourself, the point of half term is to have a break for usual daily work. I know having a productive day is getting up and doing things, but if you want to have a day doing nothing don't feel guilty go for it, if you want to go to bed at 12.30 and get up at 11 do that, because this is your time to have a break and relax. But do this all in moderation with each other, the worst thing to do it to leave all your working till the Sunday before you go back, and then during your holiday have a late night and lie in every day, be reasonable about this and spend your time wisely!

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