Thursday, 7 April 2016

Becoming more independent

Hello everyone,

I wanted to do an extra post for you today where I am going to be talking to you about becoming more independent and just independence as a whole, maybe you can get some tips from this post to help better you and your independence.

Becoming more independent isn't easy and it doesn't happen over night, trust me. It's something gradual and to be honest does take a while. 

I was never the most independent person ever, but I gained my independence over a shorter space of time I would say, I always have enjoyed my own company and I think this is something that has benefited me. Lately (over the past year) I have definitely found myself being more independent  and it's something I have noticed to the point where I don't question wanting to do it on my own. A few example of this is wanting to go to college, knowing I was going to be on my own in the beginning, but then going to something small like going to the opticians on my own just this Tuesday. I always say that it's the little things in life, something as small as sorting out an appointment by yourself can increase your confidence and which can all add to becoming more independent. 

Not everyone wants to be independent but it's something that your going to have to get used to at some point in your life, it's the fact that your growing up and your not going to have someone to hold your hand or to call someone regarding an appointment or something. I personally know that I am an independent person because I don't usually like to have help with some things, but my choice in wanting to go to a different city which is at least 3 hours minimum from my home town, shows me wanting to do this and to be more independent. 

Start doing things by yourself - This in my opinion is the main way you can gain independence, the thought of maybe going to a appointment by yourself is scary but it's fine once your there, and your be much happier and proud of yourself if you was to do it.

New experiences - New experiences is another way for you to gain independence, for example I decided to go to college on my own, and at college you have to be more independent for your own learning, and then I got a job where you have to go through this process on your own.

Have confidence & self belief - Having confidence is the biggest thing when wanting to become more independent, this is the hardest part of it though. But you have to believe in yourself and think of how the outcome will be and how much happier your feel after the event.

Interests & hobbies - If you have an interest in something, or theirs something you love doing then maybe you can start to join a club or start involving yourself with this, for example this could be by joining a dance club, this will make you become more independent but because your doing something you enjoy your feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Stop overthinking - I can sometimes do this, I can over analyse anything and it's something a few friends and I are definitely guilt of! But you need to stop overthinking the situation, just do it and get it over and done with. Stop thinking about all the ifs and buts, because your come to regret it even if it's something small. Once you have decided to do something, try and forget about it and keep yourself busy.

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