Wednesday, 6 April 2016

My 5 year plan

Hello everyone,

I am going to talk to you about my 5 year plan, I am of course a dreamer when I do plan out my future even though it may not happen when I plan for it to, but it's just something easy and it gives you an aim, once I have something in my mind and 'planned' it makes it much easier for me to aim and towards as I see this in my future potentially. 

In 5 years time, I will be 22 approaching my 23rd birthday in the December, that is just crazy to think about to be honest, that's actually really scary to think that I will be 22 in 5 years which isn't that long.

In 5 years time I would of liked to of graduated university, I would love to say that I went to Manchester or Birmingham and now have a degree in Business Management and Marketing, which is crazy to think about graduating when I am just thinking about looking at universities! I would love to of started studying for my masters degree, as my ultimate ambition is to have a masters degree in Business. Never the less I would love to be doing something I enjoy, I would like to think about starting my own business as well. Also I hope that I will be driving around in a mint green Fiat 500, as this is my dream car! I would love to be living somewhere other than my home town, maybe Manchester or Birmingham, I see myself either in a city or somewhere close to a city. Regarding my social life, I would love to have some close friends by my side and to have a really close friendship with them all, and hopefully this includes my best friends that I am with now. I would ideally of liked to met my future husband, because I have always wanted to be married young around 25 in an ideal world. But over everything I want to be happy, and proud of what I have done and what I am currently doing. 

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