Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Ways to relax

Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk to you all about ways to relax, I think around this time is very stressful for a lot of students in particular especially with exams. I wanted to give you some ways about relaxing, and what I use to relax when I am feeling stressed.

Listening to music 

This is my go to when I am feeling stressed or when I just want to block out the world, I try and only listen to calming music such as my Chill playlist on Spotify (link), I love putting in my headphones and just listening to the music I love. This helps me to forget the things that are stressing me out, just so I can calm down and relax.


I sometimes find that books can help me to destress but I can't go reading actual books, the ones I prefer 'reading' are ones such as a mindfulness colouring book, this is basically an adult colouring book that is aimed to relax you; and it really helps! Another book I love is My future listography, which is just a light hearted book which is fun and about your future! Also working on my scrapbook helps a ton as well, I can just focus on the good memories that I would like to document.


Scrolling through Pinterest is a guilt pleasure of mine, but it's great for relaxing, I personally love scrolling through looking at things that I love and calm me down such as quotes, beauty, fashion and travel photos, I plan to go on here for around 5 minutes but end up spending up on an hour finding photos to pin.


You can't go wrong with a bath using your favourite lush bath bomb, while chilling out to music. I couldn't think of anything better!

Going outside

This is something I need to do more often but it helps actually stepping away totally from what's stressing me out, going outside for a walk while having my headphones in is the best thing to help let go.

Friends & family

When I am stressed seeing my friends and family really helps to destress me, a lot of the time my friend and I will just go for a coffee and a catch up, talking to people you trust can help to lift a weight off your shoulder but it gets you mind off the stressful things in life.

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