Sunday, 17 April 2016

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

Hello everyone,

Today I found out that NYX was in my local boots, it's been on the Boots website for a while now but we have a stand finally in the shop! I scanned to see what they had and decided to opt for the soft matte lip creams, as I need to try these as I have been getting a lot more into a matte liquid lipstick. These lip creams retail for £5.50, which I think is a very reasonable price and come in a variety of shades from a very nude to a red and everything in between! (£5.50 - link)

Left - 14 Zurich 
Right - 19 Cannes

Looking over at the soft matte lip creams and I have to say some of the colours that were out as testers just seemed either too nude like the classic old concealer lips look, which I am not a massive fan of, or the dark vampy look which isn't my thing as the weather is getting warmed! I knew I wanted to go for a "nude" as I can get more wear out of them and then get a full review.
Left - 14 Zurich 
Right - 19 Cannes

These are very creams as the name suggests from a first impressions, and they smell devine! Very sweet and cake like but I have a sweet tooth, so it doesn't bother me! The colour Zurich is a muted pink/rose shade, where as Cannes is more of a darker pink nude. They have a dofer applicator which is the best for these types of lip products, but the wand isn't too long that you don't have control over it, they are the perfect size and length. 

 Top - 19 Cannes
Bottom - 14 Zurich

As you can see from the swatches above they are very pigments and don't need many coats what so ever! I am interested to see how quickly these take to dry, how long they last and how they fade during the day! I have high hopes for these are the whole of youtube and beauty bloggers have spoken about these, I have tried the NYX butter gloss which are beautiful!

The next shades that are on my list are - Abu Dhabi, Stockholm and I would love to try Morocco!

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