Saturday, 16 April 2016

Favourite Travel photos

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite photos that I have taken while visiting places, they range from here in the UK to all the way to America, I love visual posts with a lot of photos and these are my favourite ones that are sentimental and having some meaning behind them, wether this is a memory or something else.

This is when we was in Marmaris Turkey on a boat trip, this is one of my favourite things to do in Turkey as I love swimming and snorkelling in the sea, and the water in this photo looks incredible!

Again another one from Marmaris Turkey, is this waterfall! I love this photo because of the colours and I think it's just a very tranquil photo.

Of course I have to add a photo of when I went to see the New Years Fireworks in London, this was in 2014/2015 and was an amazing experience! It was freezing but it was just beautiful, and was just an amazing way to see in the new year.

One of my favourite places in the UK is Windsor, this is taken from Windsor Castle. This was when I visited the first time with my friend Sasha, it was a lovely day out and the gardens are so picturesque around the castle. 

My favourite place in Italy was when we visited Capri, I can't believe how beautiful that place is! Every where you turn it's a perfect photo opportunity, the thing we all loved the most was the flowers especially these ones! 

This was on the top of Mt Vesuvius, this was the hardest thing to walk as it was so chalky! However it was so worth the hard work, the views were out standing from the top!

Disney word is so magical in it's self, but this is one of my favourite photos from Disney and of course it had to be of the castle!

The parade at Disney is so overwhelming and beautiful, it feels so magical and this just is one of my favourite photos, it must be the bright colours really standing out!

Miami was one of y favourite places I have ever been to, and this view was just amazing! Looking back at photos makes me question wether I actually stayed here waking up to this view every day, it just seems too beautiful and one word to describe this is 'paradise'.

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