Friday, 15 April 2016

Dreaming of interiors

Hello everyone,

So lately i've been really into interiors and decor on pinterest and thought i'd share some amazing designs. I am so obsessed that I have ended up dreaming about one day decorating my dream home with all these lovely interiors.


As you can see I am obsessed with everything home and decor right now, I think the things I like the most and the things that these pictures all have in common is modern, natural and open planned with a lot of natural light! I am just obsessed, I love browsing pinterest more for interiors then I do beauty and fashion, it's similar to the fact that I love going round home stores and saying 'I need this for my house' and 'Oh this could go here...' when I don't even own a house yet, but that's the beauty about dreaming of interiors.

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