Thursday, 21 April 2016

My Perfect Day

Hello everyone,

Lately I have seen some youtuber's answer a few questions on what there perfect day would be, I thought I would share with you if I could ever have 'The perfect day' and what it would consist of! Also I was back at college this week, and the thought of not having a care in the world about assignments sounds too good right now! This is just a light hearted post and a bit of fun.

Ok to begin with I would wake up around 10:30 AM, as that's the perfect balance between a lie in and getting up early enough, this way I can still have a productive day. I would love to wake up in the Maldives, with a view looking out into crystal clear waters. I would like to have food delivered to my room which could consist of my mum's lemon and sugar pancakes, McDonalds hash browns, bacon and a lot of fruit with greek yogurt and of course granola, this would be my ideal breakfast! I would then want a fresh orange juice and ice cold water for refreshments. 

After breakfast I would then want to put on a Triangl bikini and step into the water outside my room, to do some snorkelling and swimming to see all the different types of fish I can see. After my snorkel I would love to then do some sun bathing maybe on the beach, listening to some amazing artists from the likes of Coldplay, Jess Glynne etc! While sun bathing I would be having cocktail after cocktail, then onto lunch an amazing America burger and fries or a GBK burger and skinny fries with a vanilla milkshake! After my food I would love to go for spa treatments and pure relaxation.

Onto the afternoon I would want to put on a beautiful little black body con dress, with some red soles! While watching the sun set and relaxing by the sea, with some amazing food such as Sushi and more burgers, chips and milkshakes/cocktails! I would then love to just relax with some great company!

Moving onto the night time I would love to go for strolls along the beach, listening to the waves and then maybe a midnight dip in the sea or in a jacuzzi!

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