Thursday, 11 August 2016

My Thoughts On Social Media

I feel like this is something I have been wanting to talk about for a while now, every time I see someone do a video/post in relation to this topic it gets me thinking every time. Social media plays a bit part in all our lives now, and more so than ever which I suppose is why a lot of people say its harder for my generation growing up now, as we have platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

To everything nowadays theirs are some good and bad points, and especially with social media. Lately, I have seen a lot on the news regarding a "digital detoxing", the media plays a big role in the aspects of social media as well, but here are my thoughts; the good and bad.

I think the best thing about social media is the aspect of being able to connect with people from across the globe, let's be honest if it weren't for social media familiar faces such as Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr won't be as well known today. If you really think about it, who on your facebook friends wouldn't you be in contact with right now if it weren't for platforms such as Facebook and Twitter?. 

I have to admit sometimes I may post a photo on Instagram for example, and someone may like it who I haven't seen for years, it's sort of refreshing to know that they are still "thinking of you" as such, but just a simple like on a photo or a status can still keep you in communication. Especially with a lot of people, we move on from jobs and different educational places, without social media and these creating platforms you wouldn't have any other conventional way of knowing how they are for example.

However, the thing I really don't like about social media is how unhealthy is can be. It's like there is a competition with everything you post, to make sure you get above a certain amount of likes on a photo, or to see who likes and comments on your photo. We  don't need to judge how well liked we are by an amount of people double-click on your photo, this is where the unhealthy part of social media comes in. 

When you're walking down the street you may look at someone and start comparing what they are wearing, to what you have on. This is something that we are all guilty of. But with social media every time your scrolling through Instagram your more likely to compare yourself because you can't help it as it's all your constantly seeing. Whether it's Oh she has a Chanel handbag? Or ... liked her photo. So many times I find myself constantly looking at who has liked who's photo, and it sometimes drive me insane where it's not needed. 

Social media is in my eyes the new phone calling and text messaging, we all would much rather use Snapchat and snap your mates to keep your snap streak, over picking up the phone to have a conversation with them. It's very efficient and easy for us all to use, as finding someone on facebook is a lot easier than trying to find their number. It's perfect for our generation, especially with a lot of people having these fancy smartphones we can utilise the efficiency with them and these social media apps can make it a lot easier. 

I think the thing to bear in mind here is to remember to take a step back from social media. To remind yourself that it's not real life. A lot of it is dolled up, simply because a lot of people are going to see these photos. Trying to now compare yourself and your Instagram with someone else's is very important. 

I would recommend watching this video (link), as this will speak to you a lot about social media. As well as this one is also very powerful (link).

Shelby x

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