Saturday, 13 August 2016

Back To School Stationary Haul

I have in my eyes the most exciting part of back to school posts, which is the stationary haul. This year I decided to get everything from Asda, I am not really feeling pretty colours and books this year, so everything is "basic". I am going into my second year of college, so I know more of less what I will need and use.

Pukka Pad project notebook - I decided to get a notebook with moveable dividers, this is one of the 5 subject notebooks. I thought this would be the best notebook this year; because it's good quality but I can split up difference topics and units. (similar link)

Pukka Reporters pad - The reason why I got this pad in particular, was because I had university in mind. This is going to have all the information about the open days I visit, anything that springs to mind or just notes I need regarding university. (similar link)

Pukka 3 flap wallet - I love the thought of using binders, but they are just not practical. Document wallets such as this one, these are my favourite, they are thin enough to fit in a bag but they hold papers very neatly. Also, these are perfect for me as I always have loose papers and notes at college, as we get a lot oh handouts. (similar link)

Collins Cut flush A5 2016/17 diary - I am going to make a conscious effort this year to organise my life in a diary, this year I many dates and days to remember so this diary is going to keep me organised and on top of things.(similar link)

Bic Cristal original and fun pens - My favourite pens ever! I get the black 10 pack of pens as these are the ones I write with, then I have the fun pack as these are perfect for making decorative notes. (link and link)

Staedtler HB pencils - Pencils are an essential, I end up drawing a lot of graphs and diagrams, and you can't do this with a pen! These are the pencils I always buy, and they never let me down. (link)

Asda Liquid Highlighters - I have to have the thin highlighters, they are nicer to hold and just generally better. I decided to get the Asda own brand, as highlighters can get very expensive and these looked decent. (Similar link)

Paper clips, rubber & sharpener - These again are staples in every back to school, these are just some random ones that I found in Asda. Paper clips are things that I can never find, so it's always nice to buy more. 

Knowing me I will end up buying more stationary, and if anything is "exciting" then I will let you know!

Shelby x 

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