Thursday, 4 August 2016

University #1 - Where Do I Start?

Hello everyone,

I have my very first proper university post for you today, I have done a few university posts in the past just discussing if I want to go to university and everything of that sort. I wanted to do a proper post today talking about where to start off with university. I plan to take you along my university journey, but by no means am I a expert, to be honest this is totally new to me so I am still learning about the whole process.

Since I can remember I have always wanted to go to university, and I have always wanted to study business or something along the business lines. I have always said that no way am I living at home/close to home, so I have picked a lot of universities that are at least an hour away from where I live.

The first steps I have taken -

The course

The first thing that everyone has to have in mind is wether they want to carry on with education at a degree level, once I decided that I thought university was for me I choose a course. The course I have been looking mainly at is Business marketing, or a marketing course. This is one part of business that interest me the most, and it could help with any job I go into. I would recommend to pick a course your going to enjoy studying, as you are going to be doing this for 3-4 years at least.

Living away from home

The second thing I worked out was how far away I wanted to be from home, I said to myself I didn't want to be too far away from home but I don't want to be close to home where I could potentially come home every weekend, to the point where I would want to go back to university.

Where do you want to live

When looking at universities, I have been tying to think of places where I would love to live, this is the prime opportunity to live somewhere that you've always wanted to live. For example I have picked universities that are either a city or by the sea.

Choosing universities etc... -


This is the first place to start and where I think everyone starts, I went onto the league tables for Business to see what universities do business. 

Look at every university 

From the league table I looked on more or less every university to see if they done my course, I looked at the entry requirements then kept these unis in mind with the course.


This was something I done once I found some universities, I made a table with these heading:

Course in depth (via Unistats)
Distance (Distance from my home)
Entry Requirements 
Summer open days
Autumn open days

Once I found a university and a course I used two websites called Unistats (link) and University compare (link), these were fantastic website to help see the courses in depth, and to find out more about the university.

Order lots of prospectus

Once I found the universities and the courses, I ordered a prospectus which is basically a book all about the course, student life etc. You can view this online but I found it easier having them in front of me, to highlight and tab certain pages.

Universities I am looking at

Birmingham City
Bournemouth university 
Bath Spa
Leeds Trinity
Nottingham Trent
Manchester Metropolitan 

My next steps

Now I have found some universities I have booked open days for them all, then when I go back to college in September we are starting the application process of personal statements. Now I know that we have to start out applications soon, I have started writing notes of things to add in to my personal statement as they come into my mind, this way when it comes to writing them I am not thinking on the spot.

What do you think of university?

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