Monday, 1 August 2016

Working With Friends

Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk to you about the truth of working with friends, this is something I feel a lot of people my age with stumble upon. I feel as if more people who are younger end up working with friends, because it just seems more common. I am going to talk to you about the truth about working with friends, as I have some experience from both jobs I have had.

The reason why I say it seems more common in the younger generation is simply because, when your getting your first job for example it's harder to know where to look and go, so a lot of friends ask other friends wether they know of any jobs going etc. I know this is exactly what happened with me.

Regarding my first job I was working at a kids play area, I knew a few people that started working there before me that went to my school. But one of my good friends worked there as well, we was discussing about how I need a job etc. She recommend to send my CV to them, then a week later I had an interview and then got the job. 

Then once I left my first job I had a lot of friends working at a golf centre, this was more reason to apply to this place as I knew it was a good place to work as one of my friends has been working there for over a year now. Then a few weeks later I got informed that I had a new job, and it's the best place to work I think, but these are the good and bad points of working with friends.

The good -

The best thing about working with friends and getting a job with friends, is that as soon as you start you know you will have someone to have your back and someone you know. This is actually very comforting especially when starting somewhere new.

When I was applying for my two jobs it's good to mention that you know someone that works there, this is because if they are hard workers then the chances are that you will as well. Your putting a good word in for them as well, but it gives the employers more "faith" in you as they know how well your friends work.

It's a good way to meet new people, as you start to mix with your friends friends at work, especially if your friends are on different departments its a good way to mix and get to know everyone. 

The best thing about working with friends is that you know each others strengths and weaknesses, but you know when each other are feeling stressed for example. It really helps when someone knows how your feeling without having to say a word, simple because you can help each other and just be there for each other.

Of course working with friends makes going to work a lot more fun! The best feeling is finding out you and your friend are doing the same shift or your shifts overlap or something. It's nice to have a catch up, without letting it affect your work performance.

The not so good -

Working with friends when your both "newly workers" isn't a bad as if you were your friends boss for example, that would make work a lot more difficult. 

Sometimes you may get a difficult customer or something, especially with what I have to do you do get some difficult people. At time this can put a lot of tension and stress on one another  but especially if your friends this can make the situation a little more difficult.

You can get carried away, especially if you haven't seen each other in a while and all you want to do is have a catch up, but you have to remember your getting paid to work!

I think the most difficult thing with working is that fact that trying to get some time off, can be more difficult if their is a lot of friends wanting the same day off. It can make it more difficult if your planning a day out for example.

Overall I haven't found a problem working with my friends, however my workplace is relaxed compared to some. You may have a difference experience! 

What experiences have you had working with friends?

Shelby x 

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