Sunday, 31 July 2016

Accepting Change

Hello everyone,

Accepting change is something I had struggled with for ages, but as i've grown up I have learnt how to accept change and how change is actually a good thing.

Accent change is never easy, I have learnt this the hard way but now looking back on all the difference changes, they have changed me as a person but for a good way. At the end of the day the smallest amounts of change can help you dramatically.

Change is good - This is something that I never thought of at the time but thinking about it change is good, wether this is a new change in scenery for example it's all like a breath of fresh air, think of it as a new start.

Look on the bright side - The best thing is to find out ways how change is going to benefit you, look on the positive side of how this can affect you. If you start finding the positives to change, your whole perspective will change.

Learn of adapt - The best thing to do is to lean how you can adapt to the new situations, this way your fitting in with the change and not letting change affect you as a person in any negative way.

How can this help achieve your goals? - We all have some goals that we want to work towards to achieve, the best thing is to find out ways this change can help you in aching your goals. Sometimes change forces people to step out there comfort zone, this could help with your goals if they are out your comfort zone as well.

Everything will work out eventually - At that specific time you may be thinking that this change isn't benefiting you, but try to think about it in a positive aspect that everything will work out eventually. Not everything is going to be easy, but worth it.

How do you accept change?

Shelby x 

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