Monday, 5 December 2016

2016 Resolutions: The Review

I was trying to think of an idea for a blog post today, and remembered my 2016 resolutions for the day; so what better than reviewing these for you! You can see the original post here.

Overall I would say this is the only year I have managed to tick most/all of the things off my list! I think every year previously I always tried to put really different things to achieve, but that's just not realistic!

Focus on driving - Well this one I have definitely ticked off; because about over a month ago I passed my driving test. At the beginning of the year learning to drive was definitely a priority as it needed a lot of attention in thee beginning. A lot of tears and stress I passed and couldn't be any happier! 

Do my best at college - I have always tried my best with school and college and this year has come no different, I have been doing well I would say and dedication and hard work pays off.

Start looking at universities - It's crazy to think at the beginning of the year I was thinking about looking at universities, times flies! I have achieved this very much, I have been to a lot of uni open days as well as sent off my UCAS application, and I am happy to say I have got two offers already! A blog post will come soon regarding my UCAS application and university update, once I hear back from all 4 universities.

Save up for a car - When I was learning to drive I got a car in April, and it was something I payed for! This was something I wanted to do for myself because it was a "big achievement" being able to buy your first car, and it's something i'll remember and know that I payed for it.

Get a job - Well I have in fact had two jobs this year, I have had a job more or less since the start of the year. I was looking at jobs previously because I wanted to earn my own money, and obviously wanted to pay for a car as well. Having a job is the best decision I had made this year.

Do what makes me happy - This is a cheesy one but something I always stand by. I always want to do something knowing that this is going to benefit me and that i'm going to be happy while doing it. This was one of the main reasons why I decided to leave my first job; simply because I wasn't happy.

More lifestyle posts - This year I decided that I wanted to make my blog something that I really enjoyed doing and didn't have a set schedule. Hence the reason why I focus a lot more on lifestyle posts; because it's something I love writing about.

Keep my room tidy - This is one of the only things I haven't stuck to, the rest I have all achieved! Currently as I am writing this I have shoes next to my bed, and just random things on my floor! I don't have tidy genes in me, but I am working on this (slowly it seems).

Shelby x

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