Friday, 13 January 2017

University #5 - Offers, Application & Choices

I am so happy to be able to do this post today, I have been wanting to do this for ages; talking about my UCAS application for university and my choices. But I wanted to wait for all my offers to come in first, so I had more to talk about! So as you can gather, all my offers have come through now and this is going to be discussing the offers, application process, and my choices.

I am so excited to share all my university experience with you on my blog, I have done a few posts already so check them out here, I have one on open days and writing your personal statement.

The very first thing I started to work on as soon as I started my second year of college in September, I started working on my personal statement! Don't leave this to the last minute, it took me about 4 drafts till I got it spot on and signed off. While your doing this also start your UCAS application, this is where you need your grades, choices, personal information etc. Personally I didn't want to send my application off until I had visited all my university open days, which is another key reason you need to start as soon as possible because of deadlines!

I believe I sent my application off on the 21st November, the reason why I know the exact dates is because I am forever on Twitter! I double checked my application over and over, just to make sure it was perfect! I was having nightmares about thinking I uploaded the wrong draft of my personal statement; to say this university application is stressful is an understatement, it took over my life!

The choices -

In the end, I only had 4 choices, I didn't want to be one of those people that put down a choice for the sake of filling up how many I could have. So I stuck to 4 choices, and 3 universities that I would love to go to whatever happened. These were:

- Birmingham City University to do Marketing
- Birmingham City University to do Business with marketing 
- Manchester Metropolitan University to do business with marketing 
- Bournemouth University to do Business - then to specialise and do marketing in the second year

Once seeing all the universities I knew that Birmingham City was where I wanted to go, and I knew the marketing course was right up my street! The university was lovely, accommodation was brilliant and the course was perfect for me. I didn't have a fault about the university.

The offers -

This is where the application drove me insane! I was checking the UCAS track probably 5 times a day, every time I got an email about saw it was for a newsletter instead of a track update, my heart sank!

Although I got my first offer the day after my application got sent off, I didn't receive any track emails I logged onto my track and screamed when it said I had received an offer. This offer was from Manchester Met and was conditional. However, I read the letter and realised that they had viewed me as an exceptional applicant for the course, and if I put this as my firm choice it would be made unconditional. 

Then on the 5th of December, I received my offer from Bournemouth university which was unconditional and I was also given an Excellence Scholarship for my first year if I accept this offer.

I was told by my college tutors that I might not hear from Birmingham City until after Christmas, this killed me! But on the 9th December, I got a conditional offer from BCU for the Business with marketing course! Then it was a waiting game for one more offer and the most important one.

Finally came the day, nearly a month later (12th December) I received my offer from BCU for Marketing, which was conditional but the same as MMU, if I put this as my firm choice then it gets made unconditional! Which I am over the moon about, I am so so excited to know that I am definitely going to university, and to get 3 unconditional offers and one from my 1st choice is a massive weight lifted off my shoulders.

I am yet to reply to these offers, as I don't want to do it too soon but then again I don't want to do it too early! I think I have a problem with committing!

So all in all my whole UCAS application from sending it off, to getting my 4th and final offer took 1 month and 22 days! Which it's too bad going, I thought it was going to take at least 3 months knowing my luck.

Anyways I will keep you all updated on my next steps to university! 

Shelby x 

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