Saturday, 14 January 2017

Becoming More Confident

I have another post for you which is a shock as this is the second one this week?! I am writing about confidence, I feel like I have touched on this a few times but never properly. I was never the most confident person ever so hopefully my experience and advice could help you.

Okay, I thought I better give you an overview of me becoming more confident. Because sometimes I look back about 3 years ago and think if you told me I would be doing all this now; I would laugh in your face and not believe a thing you're telling me.

Throughout my time at secondary school I was the least confident person ever, this is why I found a few subjects, in particular, hard especially drama, music, and sport. I was so shy and would just refuse to do a role play in front of everyone just because I had no confidence. In my social group with friends, I was a lot more confident and outgoing, just because they were my "comfort zone". Sometimes I felt really trapped in some lessons because I knew everything but was afraid of putting my hand up and getting something wrong.

However, this all started to change in year 11; my final year at secondary school. I knew, either way, I was going to have to move on to something much bigger, I was always going to go to the sixth form but after a not so good experience at my school, I opted against it. Instead, I took the plunge to go to college, on my own without knowing anyone doing my course. And from this decision I have flourished with confidence, and now I am moving to a city to live on my own... 

Doing what's best for you is the main purpose behind my confidence growing, I knew college was the best move for me even though I was going to be on my own. It's going to be scary doing something on your own, but it's all going to pay off and benefit you in loads of ways.

Yes it's going to be different and not many people like change, but change is what helps your confidence; it did mine! I was always afraid of change, and this is what stopped me wanting to go to college in the first place. But now I have accepted the fact that change is good! 

With times like this, it's easy to think very negatively, but you've got to kill all those negative thoughts and think positively! It's easier said that done, but if you're going to think negatively about something you're going to over think it all and ruin your experience if that's the case you're better off not thinking about it at all.

Trying something new can really help with confidence, putting yourself in difference situations and ones you would never of put yourself in the first place. For example, something else that has helped me was getting a job, I hate that I didn't do this sooner! I have met so much more people, but having to deal with new people on a daily basis like customers at work forces you to have more edgy spirit and confidence. 

You just have to say yes! Don't think of the pros and cons of you doing something, just go for it! You can apply this to so many difference experiences and situations. You will be a lot happier the more you say yes to things, put yourself out there because trust me it's never as bad as you think it's going to be.

'Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.'

Shelby x

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