Sunday, 22 January 2017

University #6 - I'm Going To University!!

As you may know from my previous university update post, which is here! You may know that I received all my offers, well now I have replied to them all and thought I would share this all with you.

In my last post, you would have known that it was a case of replying to my offers! I tried to put off dong this for a while because I didn't want to do it too early or too late! After a few sleepless nights thinking about it I decided to reply to them all on Sunday 15th.

I decided that Birmingham City was where I wanted to go and it felt right, so I put BCU as my firm choice with no insurance choice. The reason I done this was because if I put this as my first choice it would then be an unconditional offer.

I was getting a tad confused because it only mentioned about me getting a conditional offer, I directed messaged UCAS on Twiter and they replied to me within 24 hours. They said to contact the university about this which I did, through the Birmingham City portal messaging service, they again replied within 24 hours and updated my UCAS track.

So long story short I am going to Birmingham City University this year to study Marketing! I am so excited and ready for the day I get to move there, I have already started to plan my room and bathroom colour theme! I have learned already though who knew shopping for plates and towels could be so exciting!

Stay tuned now for update posts on my accommodation, as well as university hauls!

Shelby x 

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