Monday, 23 January 2017

What I Am Looking Forward To In 2017!

I was wanting to do another blog post today, but didn't know what on exactly, I am procrastinating with college work so I thought I would tell you about some things I am looking forward to this year!

I keep saying that I have high expectations for 2017, but I honestly feel like this could be a good year for me! I have a lot to look forward to and is just going to be an exciting year hopefully (fingers crossed).

Spontaneous adventures - Since being able to drive this is something we are doing all the time, just deciding at the last minute to go somewhere! Whether it's 5 minutes down the road of a longer drive away. I love doing things at the last minute and not needing to plan everything all the time.

Birthdays! - I can not wait to all my friends to turn 18, this way we can actually go out because at the moment I am the only one that is 18 so nights out are very limited at the moment.

Finishing college - Finishing college is going to be the best feeling ever, knowing that compulsory education is over with! I have loved my college experience so far, but ready to move onto the next chapter.

Malia - More or less as soon as I finish college the girls and I are going to Malia for a week. It is going to be amazing to let out hair down for a week and be surrounded by sun and drinks.

University shopping - You will know by now but I am going to university this year, and I am so excited to start shopping for my uni room! I have been browsing a few sites at the moment, and who knew shopping for plates could be so exciting!

Pretty Little Liars - In April the final 10 episodes of PLL are coming out! I have missed watching this, but sad that it's going to be the end very soon, but for now roll on April!

Working - This might sound like a strange one but I am looking forward to working a lot this year before university, just because I enjoy my job and I have more opportunities now I am 18 etc. I am going to have to work a lot to do a lot of saving ready for freshers!

University - I have always dreamed of going to university, and never thought the year would ever be here... but 2017 is the year I am going to university. If your wondering I am going to Birmingham City to study Marketing.

Living on my own - Obviously, with me going to university I am going to be living on my own in a city, I am so excited to have all the independence. I have always said that I am going to be the best at living alone, but now we can put it to the test!

Meeting new people - I love meeting new people and while I am in Birmingham I can meet a whole new group of friends because a lot of people say the people you meet in university are your life long friends.

The gym - I am saying it here first, but I have joined the gym! I am hoping to really get into it this year, as it's something I have wanted to do for a while.

Shelby x 

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