Monday, 10 April 2017

13 Reasons Why - My Thoughts

This week especially the Netflix original series called 'Thirteen Reasons Why" has blown up social media. To begin with, I didn't believe the hype but realised this is connected to the same book by Jay Asher that I bought about 7 years ago but never got round to reading; which I now regret! Also I know I haven't blogged in a while I have been working so much, but a university update should be coming up soon!

If you're wondering what this is all about and what all the hype is about first of all I say you just need to watch it. But this is it summed up:

'This follows a story about a teenager who is on a mission to find out how his the decisions behind class mate's reasons for taking her own life, she left some of the reasons behind on 13 different tapes on who and what contributed to this ultimate decision'

As you may have heard from social media this series is massive and is going to change a lot of perceptions that people have on certain issues teenagers face nowadays. This doesn't just focus on suicide, but on bullying, rape and many other things. The reason why this is a brilliant and very raw way of showing this, nothing is hidden and some scenes are very visual. This shows you how aspects like this can affect so many different people from friends, teachers and parents.

This is going to be something that is shown in schools in 10 years time and the affects the words you say could affect someone, and just how to treat people in general. I wanted to give my opinions on this because after watching this it's just been making me think for hours about the raw image this leaves in your mind.

The reason why this is such a brilliant series is because there is nothing similar out there, that shows these topics is such a relatable and familiar environment that a lot of us have been in. They don't hide anything and this is why this is going to turn people heads and change some people's thought process about this. 

I 100% recommend you to give this a watch and just stick with it throughout the whole series. The cast play all the characters so well and makes it so much more believable, but these are current issues people are facing, but this can change your perspective on the whole thing!

Shelby x

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