Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Lets talk - Music, App and Summer

Hello everyone,

I am so annoyed because I was planning to do a blog post about my top 5 summer beauty essentials, that failed because the pictures were all dark and horrible, the editing wouldn't work and kept crashing, then the editing worked on my phone and wouldn't import.

So some good news is that I have finished school for summer, then that means I go on holiday next week. But today has been quite a sad day, I would prefer not to say. But I am so excited that I am going on holiday next week and I need a holiday.

Also I am addicted to the songs, Aviccii - Wake me up and Wretch 32ft Josh Kumra - Don't go I love them because the lyrics are just amazing and just explain everything, they are great feel good songs and are just amazing, and would recommend checking them out.

Last of all there is a app I have been loving! I have attempted to keep a diary/Journal because I love the idea of coming back to it and I love it that I can tell a diary rather then a family/friend. The app is called Journie, I really recommend it and it's free! I love the idea of having with me 24/7 because it is on my phone and it's one of the best diary apps I have found.

I am so sorry this is a boring post, but as I explained nothing was working. I hope to do a better blog post either Wednesday or Thursday.

Thank you

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