Sunday, 20 October 2013

My dream dinner

Hello everyone,

I was thinking about the Christmas dinner tag, and I thought that is's too early to do the Christmas one so I would just do a dream dinner. 

The rules are that you have to pick 10 people and it only has to be Celebrities/Bloggers/You tubers, and you have to pick a Starter, Main, Dessert.

The 10 people I would invite are -

- Nathan Sykes 
- Jessica Ennis
- Kendall Jenner
- Kylie Jenner 
- karl pilkington
- Fleurdeforce
- Tanya Burr
- Zoella
- Alfie (Pointlessblogtv)
- Ingrid (Missglamarazzi) 

The meal -

Starter - Chicken salad or Prawn cocktail

Main - Steak, Chicken burger or Vegetarian pizza

Dessert - Cheesecake, Fruit salad or Fruit meringue

I hope this wasn't that bad but I tag everyone

Thank you

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