Friday, 18 October 2013

Turkey Baia Bodrum hotel - Review

Hello everyone,

Finally I have been wanting to do this post for ages, and it's going to be a hotel review on the Turkey Baia Bodrum hotel, I will be including some pictures on this hotel and my honest thoughts.

Not my picture - But from here
My first impressions of this hotel was "Wow" the outside of the hotel was like paradise and so was the reception, the hotel was very opened spaced and very clean and white looking. This is also a 5 start hotel so we was expecting it to be perfect.
My picture of the Main pool

We didn't even have to step foot into the hotel before our bags were taken, the staff were very helpful and polite. We had a lot of hassle with the rooms, we changed out room about 2-3 times before we were satisfied, but the room we had was in a great area, right by the hairdressers, but we had problems with the lights because they were very hard to turn all off without turning the electricity off.

The first place we went was to the Lobby bar, this is in my opinion the best place in the Hotel, there was 2 women who are sisters and they are the nicest people ever along with other people. The views from up here are amazing aswell.

View from the Lobby Bar

As you can see the views are amazing, I would really recommend this hotel the room we had was a great size and they were very clean, staff were nice, I loved this hotel the views just won it over for me.

A negative to this hotel was that when we went there was hardly any English, but that just made it hard to communicate. Also this hotel was great because they had a lot of activities for everyone, they had a lot of pool games. Also the entertainment team were so friendly and they also had a song and dance at the end of the pool games and it was so fun and great to get everyone involved.  

I hope this has helped and here and some more pictures I took:

Hotel information click here 

hoped this has helped, and any questions comment below.


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