Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Gift Guide - Men

Hello everyone,

I have finally finished my gift guide and this is the last one! I didn't think I would have time to do a stocking fillers and a men's gift guide, but I was wrong. I can't believe Christmas is next week. What is on your Christmas list? Comment below

Grooming -

I think giving a man grooming products for Christmas is very different because everyone leans towards the Lynx sets. But this is going to be a man out of there comfort zone if they don't use skincare already.

This is more on the hair side of grooming but it's from the soap and glory men's range. This comes with a hair and body wash, Body spray, Hair sculpting putty and a comb. This is only £12 this is a great set and such a good price. Click here

This would be such a great gift if you know a man that is already into grooming. This is a set from No7 this comes with 6 products in a lovely sleek tin, this is a bit pricey at £35 but I think it's a great gift.

Accessories - 

Giving a man accessories for Christmas is such a good idea because it's things they wouldn't necessary but all the time for them selves. 

This wash bag is from Ted Baker it's black leather and it comes with a towel. This is £49 but it would be a great present for someone who needs a good lasting wash bag. Click here

Also another great accessories for a man is cufflinks, I love the ones from next they are great. These are my favorites they are silver button cufflinks, they are so cute and different. They are from Simon Carter and they are only £20. Click here


If you know a man in your life who works in a office who just generally takes notes on post it notes. This is a great gift it's a digital erasable memo pad, I can guarantee you not every man will have one of these, it's only £10 aswell. Click here

You find these remote control planes, but this is a remote control helicopter with a video camera, this is at such a good price only £24.99 this is such a good price. Click here

This would have gone in my stocking fillers but it's only 1 pound over. This is good as a joke present it's a Mini Jellyfish tank desk toy. It's £16 and it look so cool, I think this would be great for teenagers and young men personally.

This could also be a add on present and it's a drivers Glove box kit, This is £8 and comes with...
  • Handwarmer
  • Ice Scraper
  • Snap-light
  • Travel Sweets
  • Mini Pen and Pad
  • Refreshing Wipe
  • Plasters
  • Sewing Kit
  • Plastic Gloves
This is such a handy present and comes with things you would not think of carrying with you but could come in so handy. Click here

If you have a car fan that you know this is a Satzuma 8GB car memory stick. This looks such good quality but it's only £14. Click here

More expensive

If you have someone you are willing to spend a bit more on then I hope I give you some ideas.

If you have someone who is a health fitness fanatic who like going to the gym and working out. A great pair of trainers is perfect I would reccomend Nike Air Max's 90 they have lots of colours and designs to math everyone's taste. Click here

If your looking to spend a lot then I would reccomend a Apple product, Iphone, pod, Ipad, Imac. They are all amazing and a great product to open on Christmas. I love the Ipad mini and the Iphone 5S I have them are they are amazing. Click here

I hope these were enough ideas.


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