Sunday, 26 January 2014

My Favourite Music - Tag

Hello everyone,

I love finding what other peoples music tastes are, and I love listening to music I am addicted! I have found this tag and it's 14 questions on Music. I tag everyone to do this because I love finding new songs and music, and finding what other people love is amazing.

1. Favourite band/musician of the moment - Avicci, I love his music it's amazing. But I am loving Martin Garrix Animals at the moment, aswell as Storn Queen.

2. Band/musician you always come back to - Rudimental all the way! I love there music and the collabs are amazing! I have started to listen to all there classics like Feel the love, Right here, Not giving in, Waiting all night and Free. Also Coldplay

3. Favourite song(s) of all time - All the ones I mentioned above. But if I am in a mood for old music that hasen't been in the charts for a while, then I love Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love. I also am loving Crazy Kids and Timber - Ke$ha also I love Pharrell Willians Happy.

4. Most embarrassing song on your iTunes - It's not too embarassing but on my Spotify I have What does the Fox say - Ylvis.

5. Top 3 songs played on your iTunes - Timber - Pitbull and Ke$sha, Wilkinson - Afterglow and Rather be - Clean Bandit.

6. Favourite CD/album - Lately it has to be Now 86! I love this album so much. But saying that I also love One Republic Native and Avicci True.

7. Favourite album art - I have always Loved Coldplay - Myloxyloto

8. Favourite musical/movie soundtrack/music based movie - I hate Musicals! 

9. First concert you ever attended - The Wanted! It was in Essex and I love them this was around 2010, I think? But it was amazing and I loved it so much.

10. Best concert you ever attended - I enjoyed The Wanted and The Capital Summer time Ball, it was around 3 years ago I think?

11. Favourite quote/song lyric

Coldplay - Paradise

12. Can you play any instruments? - No, When I was in like year 3-4 I played a Recorder.

13. Do you have "a song" with anyone? - I don't have a specific song, but with my best friend Nicole we love Rudimental and Avicci

14. Has your music taste changed over time? - YES! I was looking through my Itunes and I came across Pop Party, and High School Musical, also I found JLS and the Jonas Brothers...

I Tag everyone, This was so much fun <3

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