Monday, 27 January 2014

Let's Talk - How to be Happy!

Hello everyone,

I was wondering that blog posts I should do and Ellie (Youtube) said I should do a how to be happy and what makes me happy. This is what I am doing today! I hope this helps you and I hope it makes you smile!

Listening to Music - I find this really helps me when I need to be perked up, I love listening to all sorts of songs, I love Pharrell Williams Happy, I love this song so much.

Watching a Film - When I am feeling a bit down and want to be more happy, I love watching Films, especially Despicable me 1 and 2. Watch a film you love so much, I like watching funny ones especially when I want to feel more happy.

Working out - I love working out, but especially if I have came home from a rubbish day at school, I love getting my Yoga mat you and doing some Cardio or Yoga. I am going to have a at home exercise routine coming soon to Workout Wednesdays. I feel working out really makes me calm and I feel amazing after.

Being around people you love <3 - I feel I am always the happiest when I am around people I love, especially my dog! I love talking to friends and family, because they always know how to cheer you up.

Blogging - This is a very individual one because not everyone has a blog, but if you have a you tube channel film a video or a vlog talking one. Or if you don't have either read a blog or watch some you tube videos.

Taking a relaxing Bath/Shower - When I am not in the mood to Blog or workout, which is very rare! I love to just relax in the bath mostly, Light a few candles, play your favourite tunes and relax. I sometimes take a magazine in the bath with me. Also why not throw some amazing products in with you? I would reccomend The Body Shop shower gels and a Lush bath balistic, Also follow up with a matching body butter (Again the Body Shop are amazing).

Be Optimistic - I always try to be as positive and as optimistic as I can be. I have to admit I am more upset/annoyed when I am being negative. "Everyday might not be good, but there is something good in every day"

Quotes - Some people are a fan of quote but some aren't (I definitely am), I love finding new quotes and I would love to do a blog post on my favourite quote (Comment below if you would like to see this)

Forgive and Make Friends - I know if I have done something wrong of I know I am in the wrong, just say sorry, this will put you mind at rest but also it will put a smile on there face. Also make friends speak to people you don't normally talk to, say hello to everyone.

Smil- This to me is the most important, that is to smile! You can't be happy when you don't look it? Just smile at everyone, this makes you feel amazing, it might make you day and everyone you smile at. 

Thank you, I hope this made you Smile :)

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