Saturday, 11 January 2014

My Jewelry favourites

Hello everyone,

I love jewelry and I love wearing it, it completes an outfit, using certain pieces you can create a different vibe about a piece of clothing and you can dress it up or down. But there are some pieces that you are always wearing and these are mine...

These earrings are from Claire's and I love them they were £4.50 and I think they look so stunning and cute.

I couldn't live without my ring it's from Pandora and I love it so much, I have had it for about a year and a half and I wear it every day without a fail.

My beloved Michael Kors watch, this is a MK-5688 and I think it's stunning.

My newest edition, I love my Michael Kors gold and rose gold buckle bangle. It's stunning and will go with anything.

I love my Pandora bracelet, this is the black leather, The charms I have are the Love in all different Languages, the bow, La Sagrada Familia, Duck, My princess charm and the four leaf clover.

Statment necklaces complete and outfit for me, these are from Primark (Left) Next (Middle) and the chain is from select (Bottom)

As you can tell I am in love with Gold jewelry, What are your favourite jewelry pieces at the moment?

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