Sunday, 12 January 2014

My favourite moisturisers - Face and Body

Hello everyone,

I had no clue what I wanted to do a blog post on, and it's getting quite chilly and moisturisers are essential in the Winter. That's why I am going to be showing you my favourite moisturizers for face and body. I have combination skin, I get oily and dry in places. But on my body I am not super dry but can be in the winter.

Body - 

This is such a good moisturiser, I love this so much simply because the packaging is so easy, and this is great for those day where you can't be bothered. I took the Aleo Vera one on holiday with my last year and it was so cooling and refreshing. This are really good if you don't have really dry skin. I wouldn't reccomend if you had really bag dry skin because they aren't the most moisturizing out of them all. Also one thing I don't like about the packaging is you won't be able to get every last drop out of it, these are really easy to rub in and dry in seconds if your in a rush. (Rate - 8/10)  

I know what your thinking... £1.99! For £1.99 your getting such a great deal of product 250ml. I love this in the winter because it really does help with dry skin and it's amazing, it also softens your skin so well. I would highly reccomend if you have really dry skin. The only thing about this is the smell won't be to everyone's taste, but you can get a fragrance free one if the scent is too strong. Also the consistency of this is very thick but does take a while to sink in. (Rate - 9/10)

These are my favourite, I love them so much I have about 5 of them. The scent is amazing and you will find one that you love. I have been loving the Ginger Sparkle one lately, some of these are currently £5! I love these because they moisture so well, I use these every season because you will find a scent for every one. The consistency of these is thick and buttery, but they take about 1 minute to sink in but it's so worth it. (Rate - 10/10)

Face - 

I only use this amazing moisturiser when I break out, this is targeted to relive spots and calm them down. I love this so much it does make a difference and it's amazing. The only bad side about this is I only use this is areas I have spots because it kind of dries out my dry patches. But it's not meant to target dry areas anyway, because of that I have to use the moisturizer I am going to mention next. (Rate - 10/10)

This is what I use on my dry patches only, I don't use this all over my skin because it's not the best for controlling oily skin. But for dry skin it's amazing I main use this on my Temples, Around my nose and on my jaw down. This does help with dry skin and I love this. I highly reccomend if you have dry skin or dry patches. (Rate - 9/10)

For those days where I have no break outs I use this because it controls the oils in my skin. Also the best thing about this as a morning moisturiser it that it's not heavy to apply before makeup, I love this and I would highly reccomend for oily skin gals. I don't see it helping to clear my skin, but for oils it controls them well. (Rate - 10/10)

What are your favourite moisturisers?

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