Sunday, 5 January 2014

New years tag!

Hello everyone,

It's not too late for a new years tag is it? As everyone says better late than never. But I am currently bored and decided it's time for a tag. I tag everyone to do this.

1. favorite memory of 2013?
- My favourite memory of 2013 was probably my Holiday to Turkey because I got to ride a Camel! Not to everyone's taste but I loved it and I will remember that day forever. Also my best friends came to Swanage with me it was amazing we had such a good time.

2.worst memory of 2013?

- My worst memory of 2013 was my two cats Bob and Dave passing away, it was the first time I had ever lost a proper pet apart from Fish. years resolutions (why?)

- I have a blog post on this but my main one is to workout and eat healthy so I can be summer ready. goals for 2014?

- Doing more regular blog posts and doing good quality ones.

5.something you are looking forward to in the new year?

- Summer, and September because then i'll be in year 11.

6.what are you doing for new years?

- I stayed home and had Family and Friends over.

7.your highest achievement from 2013?

- It's going to sound so cringy but my B I got in my Science gcse mock and my C in Spanish gcse listening. 

8.something from 2013 you are obsessed with?

- Maybelline Match perfection foundation and frozen yogurt. 


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