Monday, 7 April 2014

How to// Washing Makeup Brushes

Hello everyone,

I have been wanting to do this blog post for a while now, but every time I start washing my brushes I always forget to take the pictures. But yesterday I remember and I am going to show you how I wash my makeup brushes. I have two different ways and I hope this helps.

First way//

This is the first was I was my makeup brushes and I don't use anything special I just use Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

1. I run a cold tap, and while it's running I put some Johnson's Baby Shampoo in it then I mix the water and shampoo together. This kind of acts as bubble bath.

2. Then I wet the brush in the water but don't get it past the end of the brush hairs. Because this can go down the barrel of brush and can rot your brushes quicker. After I put a small amount of baby shampoo in my hand.

3. With the baby shampoo in my hand I just lather the brush up with the shampoo. After I dip it back into the water, then I also squeeze the brush to get the shampoo out.

4. After I leave it to dry on the side, with the brush laying for flat either on a towel or on a ledge. Lastly after it's hand dried for about 30-45 mins I then get a towel and run the brush over it back and forth to get the shape back.

Second way//

For the second way I use again Johnson's Baby Shampoo and a Soap and Glory face massage mini mitt.

1. Once again I run some cold water with some Johnson's Baby Shampoo. The reason why I use cold is because if your using warm or hot water and it was to go to the barrel it could melt the glue inside. 

2. Then I wet the brush in the water not going past the end of the brissels or the beginning of the brush handle. After I put a small amount of baby shampoo onto the mini mitt then rub it in slightly. 

3. I then swirl the brush in the mitt so it lathers up nicely.

4. After I squeeze out the shampoo and I do this then dip and repeat until all the shampoo is out of the brush.

5. Finally I leave on a ledge for the brushes to dry. Then I repeat the step of brushing the back and forth on a towel to get their shape back.


Johnson's baby shampoo - Click here
Soap and Glory face massage mini mitt - Click here

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